AEM Development

AEM Development from Copperchips is a one-stop solution for efficiently managing all your marketing content & assets. We provide timely delivery of our valuable services to our clients.
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It is extremely challenging for new businesses to beat their competition. Copperchips makes digital journey a breeze, we give you the edge that you need. We create websites, build apps and effectively manage web pages with all its content for emerging businesses using AEM. Copperchips has been providing AEM development services for over 7 years to 70+ clients. We have created 85+ websites and associated apps to assist our clients. We have also helped budding businesses to increase their reach while maintaining a hold on existing clients. We work hard to assist your business to reach where it belongs. Our AEM developers use avant-garde methods to design and build content-led digital assets for our clients.

AEM Development Services

We create personalized websites & web apps to cater to your unique business needs. We have all the necessary tools to help your business flourish.

Copperchips Reactjs Services
AEM Custom

Our team delivers efficient AEM development services. We build customized UX/UI designs, conduct in-depth analysis and provide advanced cloud-based development services for your business.

Migration to Magento - Copperchips
AEM Migration
& Upgrades

We facilitate businesses to migrate their website from existing platforms to AEM whilst upgrading it as well. We ensure that the migration & upgradation process is smooth, secure and without any data loss.

Copperchips Software Development Company
AEM E-Commerce

Our team ensures seamless integration with all major E-Commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, and big commerce. Choose the platform that best suits your e-commerce needs.

Mobility Development Company - Copperchips
AEM Team

Our team adapts well to outsourced development models and becomes you extended IT arm. With the AEM skills that they bring on board, your product becomes unparalleled.

Copperchips QA Engineering Services
AEM Managed

We work with the client’s IT team and provide AEM managed services both on cloud and on-premise. Our services include automated backups, disaster recovery, and security checks.

Consultation & Discussion - Copperchips
AEM Consultation

Our consultants understand your unique business needs and develop bespoke AEM implementations that help you to manage your content in the most efficient way.

Qualities of AEM Development

Our unique qualities make us special and a worthy choice for all our clients. Our services & qualities combined will make your business reach heights of success.

Advanced Marketing & Promotional Tools - Copperchips
Advanced Marketing
& Promotional Tools

Our team works tirelessly to provide your business with appropriate marketing and promotional tools like built-in SEO & Mailchimp. This enables the businesses to locate their target audience.

User Interface Designing Company | Copperchips
Enhanced Customer

We adopt the latest technology to ensure improved customer engagement. Our easy-to-use interface attracts users on all devices and platforms.

Copperchips QA Tester
Complete Design

We provide creative and customized themes to assist the clients in setting up the AEM website. The clients have the provision to choose any of the templates they want on their website.

Cost-Effective Options - Copperchips
Flexibility &
Variety of Services

We provide a range of services to the clients. From selling products & services to selling subscriptions & appointments, we do it all.

Mobility Development Company - Copperchips
Modularity &
Feature Rich

Our teams use multiple extensions for adopting features like accounting, collecting leads, creating contact forms, creating subscriptions, & many more into the AEM website.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backups | Copperchips
Security, Recovery
& Data Backups

Our team ensures that the data of the client is safe and secure. We adopt multiple integrated backups to protect your data. We ensure that your AEM website runs in a healthy environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Experience Manager or AEM is a CMS platform based on Java. It is used for building websites, mobile applications, and forms. Enterprise owners can integrate it with their existing applications, marketing, and content assets to deliver seamless digital experiences.

AEM Development assists in building and managing responsive websites and designs from a single platform. AEM can assist enterprises in managing multiple websites across many regions and languages by giving them centralized control.

AEM is not just a CMS platform. It is a robust platform used for building compelling experiences for the web, mobile, and IoT. AEM enables you to not only deliver innovative digital experiences but also expedite time-to-market.

Yes, we at Copperchips have a decent amount of experience in offering migration services from legacy systems to AEM. Some of the other CMS platforms include SharePoint, Drupal, Interwoven TeamSite, Alfresco, Magnolia, and custom and legacy CMSes.

There are various pricing models offered by Adobe that are based on diverse criteria. If you wish to opt for AEM solutions, then you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with a plan with the best possible quotation.