Deliverr - E-Commerce

We provided e-commerce intelligence solutions to assist Deliverr gauge the performance of their products on Amazon Marketplace.

  • Delivered personalized User Experience
  • Reduced GTM Time to a few weeks
  • Enhanced B2C Revenue Share
  • Optimized Product Performance
  • Provided Insights on User Behaviour


We achieved milestones by assisting Deliverr and enabling them to achieve their goals.

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Personalized User Experience

Our highly proficient team ensured and delivered a personalized user experience to our client. This helped Deliverr gain a significant reputation in the market.

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Reduced GTM Time

We at Copperchips reduced GTM Time and enabled Deliverr to reach their target customers and achieve a competitive advantage within just a few weeks.

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Enhanced Revenue Share

We adopted appropriate and exemplary strategies to provide a significant increase in the Business to Customer’s revenue share.


Our reputation and extensive experience lured Deliverr into choosing us as their E-Commerce development provider.

Wordpress Development Services - Copperchips
Optimize Product Performance

Deliverr wanted to maximize product performance across Amazon’s platforms.

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Single Consolidated View

Deliverr wanted a single consolidated platform to view multiple data resources under one Login id.

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Real-Time Views

Deliverr wanted real-time views in the buy box, sales performance, and keyword insights.


Copperchips successfully delivered a highly capable Amazon Marketplace-specific analytics dashboard to Deliverr.

Wordpress Development Services - Copperchips
Front-End Applications

We developed the entire front-end for the applications of Deliverr keeping in mind their requirements, key interactions, and end-user journeys.

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Multi-Browser Compatibility

We developed elegant web and mobile applications for Deliverr and ensured multi-browser compatibility and SEO-friendly structuring.

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Revamped Existing Pages

We modified existing pages of Deliverr including the product listing page which lists down all the products with deployed enhanced functionalities to increase engagement.

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Enhanced Performance

We utilized the latest tech-stack and cutting-edge solutions in the project to enhance the performance of the web and mobile applications for Deliverr.

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Powerful Analytics Platform

We at Copperchips provided a powerful analytics platform that included a single view dashboard allowing business owners to measure their growing sales.

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Ensured Security

We developed Springboot based backend API that in turn ensured robust security to the sales data of Deliverr’s illustrious clientele.

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