KnowledgeOne - Cloud Migration

We facilitated and smoothened KnowledgeOne’s migration journey from outdated platforms to AWS Cloud.

  • Migration to More Cost-Effective Solution
  • Reduced Infrastructure Spends
  • Enhanced Infrastructure Performance
  • Reduced Build Time by 40%
  • Ensured Zero Data Loss in Transit


We conducted an infrastructure audit to assist KnowledgeOne in migrating to a more secure platform.

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Complete Migration to AWS

Our highly proficient team provided complete migration to KnowledgeOne from their existing and outdated platform to a highly efficient and most secure AWS Cloud.

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Zero Impact on Data

We at Copperchips ensured that during the migration process no data is lost in the transit. We made it possible that data of KnowledgeOne sustains no impact.

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Enhanced Infrastructure

We transmogrified KnowledgeOne to assist them to achieve heights and made sure to enhance agility performance and cost-effectiveness in their digital infrastructure.


KnowledgeOne chose our expertise and distinct skills to provide them with smooth migration services.

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Eliminate Complexities

KnowledgeOne wanted a smooth and effortless migration process without any complexities in managing an Active-Active setup.

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Reduced Overheads

KnowledgeOne wanted to cut their overheads that cut holes in the pocket while managing and maintaining infrastructure.

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Reduced Spending

KnowledgeOne wanted to reduce the ongoing spending on servers, storage, and networks and opt for cost-effective ways.


We adopted a hybrid approach to provide seamless migration and transition to the cloud with zero downtime.

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Rapid Migration

We completed the entire migration process within just 6 months. The newly established setup was quite stable, safe, and secure. We made sure to incorporate significant performance improvements in our client’s product.

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Landing-Zone Setup

We designed and crafted a landing-zone setup with the run and then operate model on AWS Cloud. We also categorized applications across different platforms for ensuring ease in deployability.

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Infrastructure Orchestration

We used Terraform for infrastructure orchestration and replicating the environment. We also implemented advanced security mechanisms leveraging AWS Cloud Trail and Lambda.

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Private Network Connectivity

We established private network connectivity between existing data centers and AWS using AWS Direct Connect. To ensure high availability at all times, we deployed apps across multiple availability zones.

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Traffic Migration

We at Copperchips understand unforeseen issues come up during the migration process. Hence, we diverted traffic in parts to AWS while keeping a check on scalability and performance and then fully shifting the traffic to AWS.

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Hybrid Setup

We adopted a hybrid setup approach to provide effortless migration to AWS Cloud while backing up the data. We made sure to eliminate all the potential migration challenges

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