Trip Ninja - Legacy Modernisation

We completely revamped the complicated legacy application of Trip Ninja and facilitate migration to a better platform.

  • Migration to AWS Cloud
  • Replacement with Efficiency
  • Significant Improvements
  • Cost Optimization
  • Enhanced User Experience


We achieved significant milestones while fulfilling the demands of Trip Ninja.

Updation With Existing Functionalities
Updation with Existing Functionalities

We made changes to the existing complex architecture and also ensured that existing functionalities are in sync with the updates.

Minimal Costs Scaling

We deployed the application for Trip Ninja in such a way that scaling was done rapidly to improve the product performance without causing a hole in the pockets.

Real-Time Synchronisation
Real-Time Synchronisation

We ensured real-time synchronisation during the entire revamping process to enable business continuity and growth.


We conducted one-on-one sessions and group discussions to comprehend the unique business objectives of Trip Ninja.

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Modernisation without Disrupting Business

Trip Ninja wanted to transmogrify their business and equip themselves with the latest tech stack without disrupting business.

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Business Scaling

Trip Ninja wanted to scale its business applications without causing any effect on platform performance during sudden hikes in traffic.

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Uncomplicated Legacy System

Trip Ninja wanted to remove complexities from their existing platform and reduce the SLA for the redressal of any business issues.


Our digital engineering experiences and skills made Trip Ninja choose Copperchips.

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AWS Migration

We enabled end-to-end AWS migration for Trip Ninja. We replaced their monolithic application services with novel microservices-based architecture.

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Real-Time Synchronisation

To ensure business continuity and no business loss, we at Copperchips ensured real-time synchronization during the entire revamping up process.

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Recoding in Java

We recoded all the existing modules of Trip Ninja in Java and seamlessly converted the modules into microservices in the AWS cloud setup.

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One-Page Application Architecture

We replaced the legacy applications with one-page application architecture on the front-end for providing an enhanced user experience.

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Enabled Cost-Saving

We enabled cost-saving for Trip Ninja by utilizing Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

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Minimal Testing Efforts

We minimized the manual testing efforts of Trip Ninja by automating unit tests, integration tests, and sanity tests. This also enabled us to optimize costs.

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