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Vesta - Data Analytics

Under our digital transformation initiative, we utilized our end-to-end data and analytics services in creating data analytics platform which was proficient in producing actionable business insights.

  • Meaningful Business Reports and Insights
  • Robust Dashboard Development
  • High Velocity Project Delivery


Vesta channeled our team of PowerBI data analysts in creating elegant and innovative insights.

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Integrated Analytics Platform

As part of our data analytics initiative with Vesta, we are making easy to integrate data analytics portal that can be incorporated inside Vesta’s Web and Mobile platforms.

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Centralized Dashboards

We arrange all our insights on our centralized dashboards that are just a look away in helping you quickly make actionable decisions.

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Decisive Insights

The user tracking and user event tracking data generated and collected by Vesta’s platform gets curated into decisive insights that tell a great deal about customer behaviour.


Vesta wanted an E-commerce focussed intelligence solution to gauge actionable data, in the form of analysis and insights that enables Vesta to track and optimize the performance of their fraud detection platform.

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Integrated Analytics Platform

Vesta requested an integrated data analytics platform that could be implemented across both web and mobile platforms. Vesta wanted to provide insights with consistent & identical experience across all platforms.

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Progressive Data Analytics Portal

Vesta wanted its data analytics portal to be responsive and progressive with appealing representations of data that could organise complex statistics into engaging insights.

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Engaging Insights

Vesta wanted a compact feature-rich data analytics platform that was capable of effectively delivering engaging insights all at one place. We timely met their requirements.


Our Data & Analytics services help Vesta, and its clients make smarter decisions in their businesses.

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Business Intelligence Through Business Reports

We are providing business intelligence by developing business reports and graphical insights that transform a lot of statistical data into meaningful reports and engaging insights using PowerBI and help the clients to make informed decisions based on them.

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Highly Configurable And Customized Highchart View For Different Analysis

We are developing highly configurable and customized highchart view for Vesta for providing multiple data backed reports and insights all under one place, where in they’ll be divided into multiple sections and would constitute the highchart view.

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Data Refresh, Syncing Between Various Systems Through Our Highly Efficient Data Harvesting

We are utilizing our efficient data harvesting and data refresh for syncing data between various systems. The collected data then fuels the reports and insights.

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Real Time Interactive Analysis Experience Through Highcharts Generated Dashboards

We are providing Comprehensive and real-time interactive analysis and insights on both the web platform and mobile, through admin and customer facing dashboards.

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Single Integrated Reporting Platform For Analytics & Representation

We have integrated the data analytics platform that we created for Vesta, inside of its web and mobile platforms. Through this single integrated reporting platform, we generate daily, weekly & monthly updates of reports that involve more than 200 active data points.

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Engaging Insights Through Compelling Designs & Graphics

We are designing & curating compelling experiential designs that engrave an everlasting impact on the clients as it retains a consistent look & feel across platforms.

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