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How ReactJS is different from React Native?

Date: 15-12-2022


As we are a React Native development company as well as ReactJS development company and have been providing React Native app development services and ReactJS web development services. And we observed that the public is confused about the React vs React Native topic. Things having similar names can often confuse us and blur the distinction between them even if they can be greatly different. In the world of technology, people often tend to get confused with these specific two terms – React and React native. 

More often than not, if a person with no coding knowledge hears React and React Native, they will assume React Native is an extension of React’s technology. Even developers that are of different domains or starting out in software development may consider them to be the same thing. So, what are React, Reactjs and React Native actually? What makes them different? Let’s figure it out in this article so we can remove the confusion once and for all.

Introduction: ReactJS & React Native

This blog will focus on understanding ReactJS also commonly called React its mobile counterpart React Native. As part of a custom React Native mobile app development company and ReactJS web development company, I will discuss the differences between React Native and React JS. Along with how these two can help your businesses. 

React and React Native are two of the most popular technologies in the app development industry. The names look similar, basically the same only with an extra word in them in React Native. Therefore, it’s quite natural and expected to get tricked and wrapped up at the first glance. If you are still confused or not sure about the difference between React and React Native, then you have landed on the right page.

React and React Native are both framework libraries that were developed by Facebook and have gained a huge fan base in a short time. React is just a more commonly used nickname for ReactJs, which is a JavaScript library used for building single-page web applications. Contrarily, React Native is a React JS-based framework to design hybrid mobile apps. Moreover, with reusable components of React Native, you can easily and effectively develop React Native mobile applications.

What is a React Native?

Now that we covered what React or ReactJS is, let us begin talking about React Native an open-source JavaScript-based framework developed by Facebook to meet its growing demand for mobile needs. 

React Native is a hybrid mobile app framework, which for those who are unaware of the term, means it allows you to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase. This JavaScript framework lets you build mobile apps that render natively across different platforms like iOS and Android.

Now, many of you will be surprised by the above sentence. That’s correct, so, now we can build a mobile app with a single framework for both iOS and Android OS.

React Native Mobile Apps

Where web apps are primarily coded in JavaScript, React Native apps are hybrid mobile applications that are coded using the React Native library and can work across platforms.

React Native has solved a big problem as it allows you to develop cross-platform applications for every platform – Windows, Android, and iOS. So, it is one of the many frameworks for cross-platform application development. React Native manages to utilize the base abstraction of ReactJs. While keeping only the library components distinct.

What is ReactJS?

React, or ReactJs is an open-source JavaScript library used to develop single-page web applications. It’s one of the popular libraries to build front-end user interfaces (UI) for web and mobile apps.

React allows developers to develop quick, adaptive, and intuitive mobile and web applications. Alongside that, it also enables them to automate the design process. By utilizing React’s features, ReactJs developers can build whatever they want without adhering to strict rules.

Experienced and novice ReactJs developers, can easily integrate plugins or libraries with existing code. It enables them to develop fast, scalable, and simple web applications. With the advent of React in front-end development, it brought back much-needed server-side logic.

By leveraging React JS development services, your company will be able to satisfy all the customer’s needs. We make our customers happy by offering them Progressive Web App Development, Single-Page Apps, and static websites.

React VS React Native

The distinction between React JS and React Native is substantial, despite having a similar nature at the core, like siblings. Both technologies are masters of their respective usage. Also, React Native development cost varies on the functionalities of the app requirements. They are both different for the end-product platforms, but they follow similar principles or methodologies for development.

So, if your company is planning to develop a web app in ReactJS or to develop a mobile application in React Native, then you can hire ReactJS developers or React Native developers. Both React and React Native will only add certain advantages to your development. So, make the best choice, and hire dedicated developers, the talented developers from Copperchips now.

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Finding, choosing, or hiring the best ReactJS web development company and react native mobile app development company is essential for a successful project. But good things take time, that is why one should not rush to find the best react development company, rather take time to find which company best suits your development needs.

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