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Is MEAN Stack suitable for startups?

Date: 23-05-2022

Did you know which factors contribute to the success of startups and established businesses? Well, here is the answer for you. Most companies succeed because they have a dedicated team, their product is user-friendly, an appropriate pricing structure, and much more. However, the most critical factor for checking the success of any organization is the cost-effectiveness and modernity of the technology.

Nowadays, many technologies and updates to the existing ones are coming to the fore. They undoubtedly have something great to offer, but fully cost-effectively leveraging these technologies is a challenge.

Nevertheless, there are many technological stacks, however, MEAn Full is the one that has smoothened the lives of developers and made the Mean development process much faster, easier, reliable, and cost-effective.

Let us see in this article, what Mean Stack brings to the board.

MEAN Full Stack for startups – reliable framework?

MEAN Stack is an open-source JavaScript framework that is ideal for developing dynamic websites and applications starting from code running in the background to the database. The supreme technologies associated with MEAN Stack assists in building IT solutions for startups with enhanced speed and they offer scalability, security, and robust architecture.

As MEAN Stack uses a single language named JavaScript, it makes the application secure and stable. Hence, the programmer can streamline the entire workflow. To better understand is MEAN Stack a reliable framework for startups you would require to go through the entire article.

What is Mean Stack?

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular, and Node.JS. MEAN Stack leads to faster development and deployment of the web application. Angular is a front-end development framework, whereas, others in the stack are used for backend development. In MEAN Stack applications, each module communicates with the others to have a flow of the data from Server/Backend to Client/Frontend.

Utilizing MEAN Stack means developers can use quick and organized methods for creating rapid prototypes. One of the main benefits associated with MEAN Stack Development is that is utilizes a singular language. This means that MEAN full can be used for every level of the application further making it an efficient and contemporary approach to web development.

Why startups should pay attention to MEAN Stack?

The demand of Mean development is increasing more than ever due to its versatility of developing robust, fast, maintainable web and mobile apps. In this section, find why startups should consider investing heavily in MEAN Stack.

Ease in Switching Between Client and Server

MEAN Full Stack assists in achieving scalability because developers need to write the code only in JavaScript for both the server and client sides. MEAN stack developers can readily deploy the app on the server with Node.JS without deploying it on the stand-alone server.

MEAN Stack comes up with an additional number of libraries, frameworks, and reusable modules, which further facilitates the development process. The features like auto-sharding and replication assist in scaling the product hassle-free without worrying about failure.

Pocket-Friendly Solution

Since startups do not need to hire different programmers to work on a single project, it is advantageous for startups to work with MEAN Stack. As JavaScript is the core language of MEAN Stack, it can be deployed across all frameworks and the entire work can be well handled by JavaScript developers while sharing the code for reuse within the stack.

Additionally, MEAN Stack is an open-source framework which means developers need not pay any additional fees in the name of license and download. This aspect of MEAN Stack will save the developers a fortune and will also result in maintaining high-quality applications.

Time-Savvy Solution

MEAN Full Stack has an infinite set of ready-to-use modules and libraries for Node.JS. Hence, developers can refrain from creating the modules from scratch, which would consequently enable them to save considerable time.

Additionally, Node.js is built on Google’s V8 JIT-complied JavaScript engine which rapidly combines and executes JavaScript code into the native machine code. This feature of Mean full accelerates the speed of development.

Highly Secure and Scalable Platform

Given the number of cyberattacks, developing a highly secure and scalable web application is the top concern of enterprises.

MongoDB, a non-relational database supports JSON objects and is manipulated by SQL strings. This results in robust database security. MongoDB is a NoSQL and document database. It makes it flexible to use in several applications. Further ensuring scalable apps.

If you are looking for a fast, easy, and simple way to create feature-rich web applications then MEAN must be the primary choice. As mentioned in detail in this article, MEAN full provides advanced features which make development simple and less tedious, further enabling most enterprises to leverage MEAN full to scale their business.

If you have any queries regarding MEAN development, or if you require the development services, our experts at Copperchips are always available. Contact us today and receive the best MEAN development services at low costs.

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