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Mobile App Notifications with ChatGPT, React Native, and NodeJS

Date: 02-01-2023

I will be discussing mobile app notifications, produced by React Native and NodeJS frameworks for mobile app development. NodeJS and React Native are two popular technologies in the mobile app development industry.

In this article, you’ll gain information about web applications as well as mobile applications that allow you to send notifications generated by ChatGPT to your users, using React and NodeJS.

The developers in my company have built many products throughout the different projects we have worked on. In all of them, I had to send notifications to the user in some form.

It could be an introductory or welcoming email or a message informing the users they haven’t paid their last invoice. But one thing I can surely understand as a content writer and copywriter is that as good as programmers are at writing code, they most definitely struggle with deciding what exactly to write in the notification messages.

So one might question, “how do I come up with the right message for my app notifications?” Developers that have worked with GPT+3, know that the results are nice, but not something that one could use directly in production with automation involved.

ChatGPT: The Game Changer

ChatGPT has revolutionized the mobile app development industry and has made handling notifications a piece of cake!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI language model trained by OpenAI to generate text and interact with users in a human-like conversational manner. It is worth mentioning that ChatGPT is free and open to public use.

What is ChatGPT used for?

ChatGPT performs other tasks, such as proofreading, paraphrasing, and translation. It can also help with writing, debugging, and explaining code snippets. Its wide range of capabilities is the reason why ChatGPT has been trending.

What are the benefits of ChatGPT?

Users can submit requests and get information or answers to questions from a wide range of topics such as history, science, mathematics, and current events in just a few seconds.

What are the problems with ChatGPT?

The main problem with ChatGPT is that it is not yet available to use with an API currently. This is definitely a hurdle, but not something that we can’t overcome.

Limitations of ChatGPT

As I cited in the section above, ChatGPT is not available as a public API. So, to use ChatGPT in the way needed, we have to find our way in and out.

Meaning, the mobile app developers will need to perform a full browser automation where they need to log in to the OpenAI website, solve their captcha using 2captcha, and send an API request with the OpenAI cookies.

Fortunately, somebody already built a public library that can do all of that here. For your information, this is not an API actually, and you will hit a hard limitation if you try to make many requests, and of course, you won’t be able to use it for live requests. If you want to use it, you can do background processing using a queue.

The First Open-Source Notification Infrastructure: Novu

To give the readers some background about Novu, Novu is the first open-source notification infrastructure. Novu basically helps mobile app developers to manage all the product notifications. It can be In-App, bell icon notifications, like apps like Facebook have in them, then Emails, SMSs, and all other types of app notifications.

Add Novu to React Applications and NodeJS Applications

Ideally, as a mobile app developer, you should be using Novu to send In-App notifications, but if you want to build you on in-app notifications, feel free to skip this step. You can add Novu to a React or React Native application. Along with that, Novu can also work with or be added to a NodeJS application. Once that is done all you need to learn is how to send AI-generated notifications to your users via Novu.

Final Words: Conclusion

In this blog, we covered – What ChatGPT is, How to communicate with it in a Node.js application, as well as, How to send ChatGPT-generated notifications to users via Novu in a React and Node.js application.

I hope this blog provided some valuable information about mobile app notifications as well as the role of React Native and NodeJS in mobile app development. Our company Copperchips is always ready to help you find the right services.

If you would like to know more about our custom React Native mobile app development services, or our NodeJS mobile app development services, visit their dedicated pages on our website.

You can build applications using Novu and ChatGPT. ChatGPT can be the ultimate personal assistant. As it is very useful in various fields and enables us to work smarter and better.

If you feel like this article helped you understand Mobile App Notifications better, I would be super happy if you could let me know in the comments down below. Thank you for reading!

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