Our Team

Pankaj Chauhan - Copperchips
Pankaj has extensive experience in software development programs. He’s exceptionally skilled in strategizing the team to empower them by delegating greater responsibilities.
Pankaj Chauhan
Lead Frontend Engineer
Dal Chandra - Copperchips
Dal Chandra leads the testing team at Copperchips. With 15 years of experience, he is a quality expert in identifying common and complex software issues. His expertise is in Automation & Performance testing.
Dal Chandra
Lead QA
Ashwani Kumar - Copperchips
He leads an agile team of software engineers toward coding & improving apps with a strategic vision to produce robust code that can be easily integrated with larger systems. Experienced in JAVA Spring Boot.
Ashwini Kumar
Lead Backend Engineer
Prachi Thakur - Copperchips
Prachi is a Human Resource Lead. She leads the HR team in maintaining work culture, employee engagement, and employee relations, and developing & retaining talent.
Prachi Thakur
Lead HR
Jitendra Singh - Copperchips
Jitendra has mastered designing with his 10+ years of hands-on experience in creating elegant illustrations and high-quality graphics. He transforms aspirations into reality.
Jitendra Singh
Sr. Graphic Designer
Sumit Kumar - Copperchips
Sumit is a pioneer in implementing visual and interactive elements for web apps using CSS, HTML, ReactJS, & JavaScript through his vast & unique expertise in building web interfaces.
Sumit Kumar
Frontend Developer
Parshant Kumar Rai - Copperchips
Prashant serves as a Full Stack Developer. He has substantial experience in both front and back-end coding. He is fluent in multiple frameworks such as Laravel, YII, Coordinator, etc.
Prashant Kumar Rai
Frontend Developer
Aeshu Chauhan - Copperchips
Aeshu is a Full Stack Developer. He has core expertise in PHP, Node JS, and Javascript languages. He ensures that website visitors can easily interact with the page.
Aeshu Chauhan
Jr. Frontend Developer
Rajeev Ranjan - Copperchips
Rajeev is highly experienced in Power BI software. He is a leader capable of ensuring that his team meets mission-critical deadlines. He always ensures that high-quality data gets collected and maintained with appropriate integrity.
Rajeev Ranjan
Sr. Power BI Developer
Pulkit Gupta - Copperchips
As a Data Analyst, Pulkit works with large amounts of data. He has broad experience with multiple databases such as Azure, SQL, Cosmos, etc. He generates summary reports for senior management.
Pulkit Gupta
Power BI Developer
Shilpa Sweety usually engages in identifying, preparing, and executing business goals with top-level executives. She also serves in the HR policy while doing HR-related tasks at the highest level.
Shilpa Sweety
HR Executive
ujjawal kumar
Ujjawal Kumar is a part of the Talent Acquisition Team. He strategizes & plans the recruiting and interviewing for each open position. He aims to change the corporate culture with his zeal and energy.
Ujjawal Kumar
Talent Acquisition
arif ali
He transforms aspirations into reality. He is passionate about UI/UX and other digital technologies. He is highly motivated & confident in his projects.
Arif Ali
Sr. UI/UX cum Graphic Designer
Manoj Godara - Copperchips
Manoj has 9+ years of experience in developing Android applications. He has worked across the banking, pharmaceutical, and IT sectors, developing APIs and Frameworks with Kotlin, & JAVA, in Android Studio.
Manoj Godara
Sr. Android Developer
Suresh Patel - Copperchips
Suresh leads the development of our DAC companion & manages the development & delivery of iOS applications. Suresh is an iOS Certified developer, with experience in Swift, RX Swift, & Objective C.
Suresh Patel
Sr. IOS Developer
Anil Deshwal - Copperchips
Anil has experience in manual & automation testing. He is leading, supervising, planning, and executing functional tests. He uses automation tools such as Selenium, Postman, Cucumber, etc.
Anil Deshwal
Sr. QA Engineer
Dheeraj Kumar
As our senior business development manager, Dheeraj Kumar manages his entire team of talented sales and BDE individuals. He is responsible for generating leads & potentially converting leads to clients.
chandan prajapati
Chandan Kumar is our company’s senior digital marketing specialist. He is in a very key role and controls many key aspects of the company’s website, including SEO, SMO, PPC, Etc.
Chandan Kumar Prajapati
Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist
A GIS professional having over 12+ years of solid experience in the field of strategic technical and management advice in the GIS platforms, Technically sophisticated Railway engineer in designing and site engineering work in railway signaling field.
Sr. GIS & RS Analyst
Md Gulam Ansari
A GIS professional having 8+ years of experience in GIS application development with Python, Javascript, Leaflet, Mapbox, ESRI frameworks etc. in different GIS platforms.
Md Gulam Ansari
Sr. GIS Developer
sidharth Kumar
Siddharth Singh is serving as a data analyst for our company and is a key member of our GIS development team. His efforts are currently being poured into our GIS development projects.
Data Analyst
Mr. Anuj Kumar Pundir is the DevOps manager and works directly on most of our key projects that require or involve DevOps within them. He is very experienced and it reflects in his work.
Anuj Kumar Pundir
DevOps Manager
Yogesh Yadav
Yogesh Yadav is working as one of our many python software engineers. He is technically gifted and has great command over his language of choice, python.
Yogesh Yadav
Python Software Engineer
Paul James Herenz
He is an enthusiastic individual and is highly skilled in finding the right business clients to work with. That is the key reason why our company chose him as our business development manager.
Paul James Herenz
We're delighted to introduce Vishwas, our Senior Software Engineer who brings extensive experience and expertise in software development. His contributions have been instrumental in our success.
Vishwas Kale
Sr. Software Engineer
Mohd Uvais
He is a part of our sales and BDE team. He and his co-sales personnel work collectively as a team to craft the best strategies and approaches for reaching out to new potential clients.
Mohd Uvais
Lead Generation Executive
anuj kumar
Anuj is serving as a lead generation executive; his enthusiastic positive attitude helps him significantly in generating happy leads and in forming long-lasting relationships with clients.
Anuj Kumar
Lead Generation Executive
We're excited to introduce Vaibhav, our skilled Power BI developer. With his expertise in data visualization and analytics, he helps us make informed decisions and drive growth.
Vaibhav Shaktideo
Power BI Developer
neelu pal
She assists the company in talent hunting a pool of qualified candidates in advance. Her activeness makes her an ideal professional with extensive experience in, administration, & human resources.
Neelu Pal
Talent Acquisition
Ishita Rawat
In this role of talent acquisition, she supports the company by developing a pool of qualified candidates in advance. She is active, sharp-minded, and to the point in her attitude.
Ishita Rawat
Talent Acquisition
Raghvendra Kumar
Raghvendra Kumar is our company’s lead generation specialist and his designation suggests, he is quite a specialist when it comes to lead generation. He is a key part of our BDE Team.
Raghvendra Kumar
Lead Generation Specialist
Tushar Panthari
Meet Tushar, a skilled content writer with years of experience in the industry. He's a wordsmith who brings fresh ideas to the table. He's a pro at creating content for various platforms and has a keen eye for detail. We're proud to have him on our team.
Tushar Panthari
Content Writer