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A Complete Guide to API Development

Date: 31-10-2022

In this blog, I will mention what APIs are and how they can help your business to transform digitally I will also talk about the multiple topics related to APIs like its tools and features along with the costs involved.

If you are interested in API development services and API development framework, keep reading this in-depth API development guide. I hope to provide worthwhile knowledge that will surely help you understand API development better.

What is API Development

API is short for Application Programming Interface software, which is a set of instructions, standards, or requirements that enables a software or app to employ features/services of another app, platform, or device for better services. To summarise, it is like a connecting link that lets apps communicate with each other.

The Importance of API Development

An API acts as a base for all the apps that deal with data or enable communication between two software products or services. APIs empower mobile applications or platforms to share their data with other apps/platforms and ease the user experience without involving the developers. Additionally, APIs eliminate the need to build a similar program or platform from scratch; you can use the existing one or some other app/platform. Both app developers and business leaders focus on the API development process because of the factors I mentioned.

Terminologies of API development

Let’s get familiar with some of the main terminologies associated with API development. As these basic terminologies will make it easier to understand the concept. Below I have mentioned the top 11 API Development Terminologies:


When an API request through a header or parameter to recognize the requester, the authorized code passed into the request is said to be an API Key.


When an API interacts with another system, one end of the communication channel is termed as Endpoint.


JavaScript Object Notion or JSON is said to be a data format used for APIs request parameters and response body.


The REST-ful application program interface’s HTTP method of obtaining resources is called GET.


POST is the REST’s API’s HTTP method for building resources. It can be very useful. And is used quite often.


It is basically an Open standard authorization framework that renders access from the user’s side without directly sharing the credentials.


REST is short form of Representational State Transfer. Platform REST is a kind of programming architectural implementation made to enhance the efficiency of communication between the two devices or systems. It is light-weighted.


Latency is defined as the total time taken by API interface in the process from the request to the response.


The term API Rate-limiting refers to the process of defining the rate at which an end user can access the APIs. In other words, it means restricting the number of requests a user can hit to an API per time.

Best Tools for API Development

While there are a plethora of API design tools and technologies equipped with the process of creating an API, the popular API development technologies and tools for developing APIs for developers are:


It is Google’s API management provider that assists developers and entrepreneurs to triumph at digital transformation by re-establishing an API Integration approach.

API Transformer

These are other popular tools for API development. They offer sophisticated automatic generation tools to build top-quality SDKs and code snippets from API-specific formats and transform them into other specification formations, such as RAML, API Blueprint, etc.

API Science

This tool is primarily used for evaluating the performance of both internal APIs and external APIs.

API Serverless Architecture

Products built in serverless architecture assist mobile app developers in designing, building, publishing, and hosting APIs with the help of a cloud-based server infrastructure.

API-Platform & ClearBlade

API-Platform is one of the open-source PHP frameworks that is apt for web API development. ClearBlade is an API management provider for embracing IoT technology into your process.


The platform GitHub acts as an open-source git repository hosting service. GitHub lets the developers manage code files, pull requests, version control, and commenting that are distributed across the group. It also let them save their code in private repositories.


It is basically an API toolchain that empowers the developers to run, test, document, and evaluate the performance of their API.


Swagger is an open-source framework used for and as an API development software. Technology giants also use Swagger. Although the world is full of APIs, there is still a major gap in utilizing the perks of API technology.

Best Practices for API Development

When it comes to API Development, both small-scale startups and large-scale businesses should deploy the following best practices for API Development to ensure the most efficient API Development.

App Throttling

App Throttling is done for redirecting overflow of traffic. It helps to backup APIs, and safeguarding it from DoS or Denial of Service attacks. Throttling can be a great practice to consider.

Overriding HTTP method

Since some of the available proxies only support GET and POST methods currently, you need to let your RESTful API override the HTTP method. For doing so, we need to employ the custom HTTP Header X-HTTP-Method-Override.

Evaluated APIs and Infrastructure

In current times, real-time analysis is possible but if the API server is suspected to have memory leaks, draining CPU, or other such issues, it can be problematic. One needs to consider such situations, as you can’t keep a developer always on duty. However, you can perform this easily by using numerous tools available in the market, like AWS cloud watch.

Ensured security

Businesses need to ensure that the API technology being used is secure but not at the cost of user-friendliness. If a user ends up spending more than 5 minutes on authentication then it means that your API is far from being user-friendly. Token-based authentications can be used to make your API secure.


Last but not the least, it is profitable to create extensive documentation for an API for mobile apps that lets other mobile app developers easily understand the whole process and utilize the information for offering a better user experience. In other words, good API documentation in the process of effective API development will lessen the project implementation time, and project cost and boost the API technology efficiency.

Cost of API Development

On an average, it can approximately cost $20,000 to build a relatively simple API. This is when we we assume that you’re building a secure, documented, fully featured API with the services of an experienced API software developer working with a reputed API development company.


I hope that now you have gained an in-depth knowledge of what APIs are, how to use APIs, and what factors to consider while developing one.

If you are interested in API development reach out to our experts for top API development services. We will guide you through the entire process and help you in building a secure API. We are a reputed custom API development company in the USA. Reach out to us and get in touch with our team of custom API developers.

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