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Why Should Startups Choose ReactJS for Web Development?

Date: 31-08-2022

In past, web development was all about scripting and rendering. Web developers used to put static HTML web pages in some folders and render them using PHP. As a result, pages became inaccessible and less performant.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are now incompetent for developing large applications swiftly. Web developers wanted to write web applications using client-side JavaScript rapidly.

The front-end development ecosystem is continuously evolving. Every day novel tools and features are coming out. The software development industry is flooded with numerous libraries and frameworks. React is one of many such libraries that has gradually evolved into one of the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries that aid in developing appealing web apps that require minimal effort and coding.

React has established itself as the top choice among enterprise owners that wish to develop their front-end. Moreover, ReactJS has been breaking records and undeniably setting up its name in the web development space.

Ever since the launch of ReactJS, the front-end development space has been taken by storm. Now, ReactJS is a popular choice much like its direct counterpart, Angular.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source library of JavaScript. By and large, it’s an exceptional & helpful resource for start-ups and business tycoons alike. ReactJS is built and maintained by Facebook. It was developed for building elegant, fast and scalable front-end of web applications whilst ensuring an engaging user interface for its users.

ReactJS develops fast and efficient UI-rich web applications. Many tech giants choose React, even for their large-scale projects. The development requires minimal coding. In essence, the flexibility and simplicity offered by ReactJS development are unmatchable.

Angular vs React which is Better?

ReactJS’s virtual DOM implementation and rendering optimizations outperform Angular. Being simpler to switch between versions of ReactJS, updates don’t require one-by-one installation, unlike Angular.

Angular’s Regular DOM causes performance issues, especially with multiple UI elements and large volumes of web page information. React’s Virtual DOM is considerably faster than Angular’s Regular DOM due to more efficient state changing & Virtual Tree updating.

Furthermore, ReactJS grants web and web app developers a myriad of existing solutions that they can use.

Novice developers can start with react because it’s easier to learn than angular. They’ll pick it up easily due to its shallow learning curve. The industrial acceptance for ReactJS can ensure you plenty of job opportunities. Not to mention, learning ReactJS lets you to easily and quickly learn React Native to build mobile apps.

Benefits of ReactJS Development

Virtual DOM

ReactJS brought virtual DOM along with it. Before ReactJS, extensive DOM manipulation hindered the performance of applications and resulted in an annoying user experience. Minuscule changes at the top level cause huge ripples to the user interface. However, ReactJS solved this problem.

In ReactJS, modifications are first performed on the virtual DOM. The efficient algorithm of ReactJS identifies the changes made and determines ways to make changes in the real DOM. What’s more, Virtual DOM provides minimum update time and provides higher performance with enhanced user experience.

Easy to Learn and Use

Complex frameworks demand more time for commencing the development process. Developers often avoid difficult-to-learn frameworks. Hence, the ease with which ReactJS can be learned and implemented makes a big difference. ReactJS also has a good supply of documentation, tutorials, and training resources.

Reusable Components

Each component in ReactJS has its logic and control for rendering purposes. These components are reusable and for this reason, facilitate the development and maintenance of web applications. Developers are able to implement a consistent look and feel across the entire project using such reusable components.

Enhanced User Interfaces

In today’s digital world, for an application to succeed, it is vital to adopt unique and engaging user interfaces. In case of a poorly designed user interface the application is unlikely to succeed. ReactJS enables developers to build high-quality and rich user interfaces through its declarative components. Build engaging User Interfaces.

Features of ReactJS Development Services

Concurrent mode: Execute and process multiple tasks simultaneously.

Dispatcher: Invoke and prioritize callbacks like hook calls or function calls for optimum and performant user experiences.

Start Transition API: Ensure control over concurrency by making React aware of certain actions. Especially actions that may block the thread and cause an on-screen lag.

Marked Updates: Updates from start transition marked as ‘non-urgent’. Urgent updates like clicks or key presses interrupt these marked updates upon arrival.

Transition API: Display a loader status for pending transitions. This helps to signify to users that their application is under process & results will come out shortly.

Batching API: The batching process is more efficient and consistent than ever. The new Batching API automatically groups multiple updates into a single render, irrespective of their origin. Significantly improving the rendering time and overall performance of web applications.

SSR Architecture: New suspense SSR architecture improves the rendering processes like server-side rendering & includes architectural improvements.

Suspense: On-the-server, direct HTML streaming using the Suspense component. Dictate load-up times, utilize selective hydration and readily display webpage components.

Reasons to use ReactJS

Creates Dynamic Web Applications Rapidly

Creating a dynamic web application with clumsy HTML strings required intricate and complex coding. ReactJS utilizes JSX – an optional syntax extension that lets developers write their components. ReactJS is quite efficient in writing custom components, building high-volume applications, and converting HTML mockups into ReactElement trees using JSX.

Enables Developers to Reuse Components

ReactJS comes along with the potential to reuse components. This saves React developers time and effort as they don’t have to write various lines of code for the same features. Moreover, if any changes need to be implemented in any particular part, it will not impact other parts of the application. As there is less coding involved in ReactJS, there are fewer chances of committing errors. This enhances the speed of the application and retains customers.

Easier to Learn and Use

ReactJS leverages open-source JavaScript GUI libraries which enable developers to execute tasks efficiently. Devs can learn and implement ReactJS within a short period of time. It’s relatively easy to get acquainted with its features. Moreover, the reason behind ReactJS’s popularity is that it is easier as compared to other popular front-end applications like Angular, Vue, etc.

Assured Enhanced Performance

The Document Object Model or DOM is a cross-platform programming API. A minor modification at a higher level can hugely impact the user interface of an application. We can test all changes done to virtual DOM to calculate risks with every modification. This methodology assists developers in maintaining high app performance and assures an enhanced user experience. Performance is positively affected by the significantly reduced page loading time achieved by the use of ReactJS.


ReactJS has many benefits associated with it. Web developers don’t necessarily need to use ReactJS for building websites. However, it would be quite a beneficial and highly rewarding decision. Although HTML, CSS, and Javascript are extremely useful but can’t be relied upon for developing large applications.

In conclusion, I hope this blog helps web developers make intelligent and informed decisions about why they should and if they should use ReactJS.

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