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Top Software Development Methodologies

Date: 29-08-2022

When launching a software development project, contracting with the right software development company is also essential. Almost as essential as considering a variety of factors that may affect the project’s success.

In other words, engagement models, project sizes, frequencies of changing requirements, the level of involvement, required resources, allocated funds, and many such factors affect the project’s success. These issues can be effectively addressed by custom software development companies working with a software development methodology.

What is Software Development Methodology?

In particular, a software development methodology is a set of strategies, approaches, and techniques that helps development teams of a custom software development company efficiently manage application creation processes. Software development methodologies predefine the project framework and its working style.

So in software development methodology, a variety of questions are addressed, such as.

Which features should be selected first for the implementation in the current application version? What should be included in the MVP? How should developers implement the chosen features? Who works on what? How do use project resources effectively? What software testing should be done? 

Plan Of Action and Set Procedures

Budget and Risk Minimization

The computation ideally should not fluctuate a lot throughout the overall project development process.

Deadline Compliance

The team has a clear understanding of the timeline, and major milestones & they adjust their work scopes to the schedule.

Minimization Of Bureaucracy

Well-established procedures help reduce the number & frequency of administrative tasks that are useless to the project.

Workflow Efficiency

Each team member justifies its role and knows, who to refer to under unexpected circumstances.

Evaluation & Improvement

As the project is over, the development team undertakes a number of steps to evaluate their performance to improve it in the upcoming projects.

Software Development Methodologies

Agile Development Methodology

Agile is an innovative and flexible software development methodology. It relies on short cycles, called iterations which range from a week to a month tops. For instance, during one iteration the software development team builds a piece of code or functionality and adds it to the project overall. Regular meetings and brainstorming sessions are conducted to discuss the working progress and feature implementations.

Such a software development approach works great with projects having frequently changing requirements. Here, for that reason, user/customer feedback is essential for a successful application release. It fully adjusts the developed solution to the needs and requirements of the business, effectively avoids critical and major bugs due to often held testing procedures, and minimizes any cost issues.

DevOps Deployment Methodology

DevOps involves software development and IT operations. In essence, this method focuses on combining the two sides of the application building the software development and the improvement of the development processes into one.

In DevOps methodology, the development teams build applications in iterations as well as focusses on process automation, data transparency, and quick feedback. The DevOps methodology accelerates product delivery while also preserving its high quality, reliability, and consistency.

Waterfall Development Method

Waterfall is a long-standing software development technique. It remains relevant for building applications with predefined or pre-specified requirements. For instance, these can be the digital solutions that demand precise and detailed documentation elaboration before launching the development project.

On implementing this methodology, the development team has to gradually move from one stage to another without being able to make any changes in requirements at the previous steps. And hence require the documentation, timelines, resources, team structure, and budget to be defined in advance.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development (RAD) is a software engineering methodology that aims to achieve a fast time to market while preserving its high quality above all. It tries to closely match the demands of the users.

Firstly, an application prototype is quickly created and presented so that it gathers valuable feedback, and then it is refined based on the gathered feedback. The team after that repeats the prototyping. After which activities get presented until all the requirements of the client are satisfied by the solution. After which the entire application is developed, based on the enhanced prototype.

We can minimize many risks that are related to product development, release, and promotion even more. In fact, we can ensure high compliance with user demands. The RAD methodology suits best for small to medium-sized projects for which time is crucial.

The Steps of Software Development Implemented By us Include

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. Design Planning
  3. Initiating Development
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Deployment
  6. Market Release
  7. Regular Testing & Maintenance

The Software Development Tools Used By us Include

The software developers of our custom software development company are skilled & highly proficient in the following.

Front End Services: Angular, React.js, Node.js, & Vue.js

Back End Services: JAVA, .NET, Python, & PHP

Front End Services: vewMEAN & SpringBoot

Databases: MySQL & MongoDB

Speciality in Service 

We, as a custom software development company, offer exemplary digital transformation services coupled with software development services to illustrious clients across the globe. We at Copperchips, enable all enterprises from small-scale startups all the way up to large & well-established businesses, and help them to reach new levels of growth. 

Our software development services are one of the highest requested and in-demand services. Because the software development solutions we provide, are greatly at par with the advanced web app development and progressive web app development standards.


To conclude, custom software development is a complex process and requires much time & budget. Due to the given the current standards of high competitiveness, today’s businesses require the support of an exceptional software development company that can deliver applications that are at par with the industry standards. In this vast pool of custom software development companies, it’s a puzzling choice of who to choose and why. 

For this reason, our company assures you the fullest that the software solutions we provide are the best you can find. Our services come with lifelong support and maintenance.

The esteemed developers of Copperchips utilize all these various top software development methodologies, by and large, to engineer the best custom software solutions. Our development teams effectively approach the development process. We obtain remarkable project results, create outstanding products, and save up customers’ budgets and time.

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