Quality Engineering Services

We provide fault-tolerant, production-grade, platform-specific & product-specific quality engineering services that are engineered to ensure optimal performance of your software systems.
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Copperchips has provided Quality Engineering services to 90+ clients by furnishing 250+ projects, covering the entire range of 28+ QA services that we offer. We deploy competent quality assurance services & quality testing services that leverage technology and automation. Our strategies, methodologies, and tools can give you resilient, & fault-tolerant softwares, so you & your business can cater to your users efficiently & timely equip them for your success. We host a team of maestros that carry exceptional expertise in quality engineering services & can formulate enterprise quality QA strategies that offer you an agile solution to all testing requirements your business has.

Our Broad Service Category

We have a solution for all your unique quality related requirements. Under our quality engineering services we cover the following massive range of 28 QA services.

Quality Assurance Services

Keeping with current industry standards we focus on providing services that leverage leading industry tools like Jmeter, BlazeMeter, LOCUST, Grafana, LoadRunner, WebLoad & LoadNinja for Performance Testing, and tools like WIRESHARK, BURPSUITE, NMAP, HYDRA, & METASPLOIT for Security Testing.


Product Specific Quality Assurance Services

Additionally, we also provide product specific services to cater to your niche requirements by utilizing tools like TestLink, TestRail, XRAY, TcLab, TESTPAD, & TestLoadge for Test Data Management services. Likewise, for API Testing services we utilize REST-assured, POSTMAN, SoapUI, Swagger, Katalon Studio, and for Device Testing we utilize BrowserStack, SauseLABS, & Appium.


Platform Specific Automation Testing Services

For platform specific automation services, we utilize Selenium, Cucumber, Protractor, Mocha, & Katalon Studio. We cover the entire range of automation services by providing, API automation, mobile app automation, desktop automation & web automation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Engineering is a process in which testing is performed from the start to the end of the development process. It composes of a set of methods for system development to make sure that products are designed to meet the requirements of the customers.

The entire process of testing can be done utilizing the following approaches-: Agile method, DevOps, Shift Left Testing, and Test automation assessment approach.

There are many perks of outsourcing Quality Engineering services. Some of them are as follows-: A variety of suitable tools and technologies, Seamless communication, Test Automation Frameworks, Technical capabilities, Technical support, and much more.

Test automation is one of the vital features of Quality Engineering. It is a process that utilizes automation testing tools to execute the test cases. This platform which gives the test execution environment is referred to as the Test automation framework.

The automated framework of quality engineering comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are -:
  • Consistent Testing Throughout The Product Development Cycle
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Cost
  • Reusable Codes for Future Testing
  • Distinctive Programmability and Shelf Life
  • Minimal Manual testing