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Is it compulsory to create a website with REACT JS or can I just stick with HTML CSS and Javascript?

Date: 14-02-2022

Before 2015, web development was all about scripting and rendering. Languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript ruled the backend, whereas PHP ruled the front end. Web developers just needed to put static HTML web pages in some folders and render them using PHP. However, this approach brought into the limelight quite a few issues. 

HTML and CSS were considered fairly simple and web developers did not take them seriously. They did not make sure if the written code was well-crafted and efficient. In the worst cases, Javascript was used to generate the content and style of the entire web page. This made some pages inaccessible and less performant. Soon languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript were considered incompetent to be used for developing large applications swiftly. It frustrated the web developers and necessitated the need for improved technology. 

To overcome these challenges imposed by HTML, CSS, and Javascript, the Javascript revolution took place. This revolution enabled web developers to write web applications using client-side javascript rapidly.

Benefits of Using ReactJS

Virtual DOM

ReactJS brought virtual DOM along with it. Before ReactJS, even with fast client platforms and Javascript engines, extensive DOM manipulation hindered the performance of applications and resulted in an annoying user experience. Even minute changes at the top level caused huge ripples to the user interface. However, ReactJS solved this problem. 

In ReactJS, any changes were first performed on the virtual DOM. The efficient algorithm of ReactJS identified the changes made and figured out the best way to make changes in the real DOM. This ensured minimum update time providing higher performance and enhanced user experience.  

Easy to Learn and Use

The harder it is to comprehend a particular framework, the more time will be required to commence the development process. Developers often avoid difficult-to-learn frameworks. Hence, the ease with which ReactJS can be learned and implemented makes big businesses and brands more inclined toward it. ReactJS also comes with a good supply of documentation, tutorials, and training resources. Any person who lacks decent knowledge of Javascript can easily learn and start using ReactJS in a few days given the ample availability of help.

Reusable Components

Each component in ReactJS has its logic and control for rendering purposes. These components can be reused whenever required thus facilitating the development and maintenance of web applications. Reusable components help developers to implement a consistent look and feel across the entire project. 

Enhanced User Interfaces

In today’s digital world, for an application to succeed, it is vital to adopt unique and engaging user interfaces. In case the user interface is poorly designed, likely, the application will not succeed. ReactJS enables developers to build high-quality and rich user interfaces through its declarative components. 

These were some of the benefits associated with ReactJS. Web developers don’t need to use ReactJS for building websites. However, it would be quite beneficial if they choose to do so. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are extremely useful but they can’t be solely relied upon for developing large applications. Web developers need to make an intelligent decision after going through the cons and pros of both the traditional approach and the ReactJS approach. Besides that, developers also need to keep in their mind the project requirements, time frame, and budget that they possess. Only then one’s web application will thrive and survive in today’s competitive world.  

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