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How to check e-commerce businesses’ credibility?

Date: 11-02-2022

Though today’s digital world has made it possible to complete millions of transactions in nanoseconds, it has also increased the number of risks associated with it. Fraudulent activities are an unfortunate aspect of the world we live in. Nowadays, personal pieces of information are exploited by unscrupulous businesses. A business may seem genuine but in reality, it may be a hub of treachery. Hence, it becomes extremely important for the customers to check credibility of e-commerce websites and make an informed decision.

Here are some of the ways customers can check the credibility of e-commerce businesses.

Customers can opt for such software that allows them to see the ranking of e-commerce websites. Some names of these softwares are Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, WOT, MOZ Bar, and Built With. These softwares are extremely easy to use and not so heavy on pockets. They deliver vital metrics that are important for confirming credibility of e-commerce businesses. 

Customers can also check Better Business Bureau (BBB). The website provides consumers with relevant information regarding businesses operating within their communities. It allows one to search for specific business names and provide information regarding the frauds associated with them in the past.

Other ways that can help one check e-commerce businesses’ credibility are the following. 

Design and Performance

Shoppers need to check the content of websites for relevancy. For instance, if the e-commerce website is selling grooming products, pictures and content should be related to the same. Otherwise, the e-commerce website will fail the relevancy and credibility test. 

Websites must be loaded instantly. In case this does not happen, customers will get infuriated and probably never visit the website again. This is an important factor for checking the performance of businesses.

Transparency and Authenticity

Customers should note that e-commerce websites do not contain dummy, plagiarized, and unrelated content. An authentic website should contain all the facts about the website, product descriptions, product images, and privacy policy uniquely. Apart from all this transparency is another factor to look for an e-commerce businesses’ credibility. One’s e-commerce business should be fully transparent with customers. They must inform shoppers about where products come from, shipping time, delivery charges, privacy terms, payment partners, or any other information customers may need to know before making a purchase.

Social Proof and Security

Customers need to look for genuine testimonials and reviews on e-commerce websites. Legitimate businesses often include these to inform customers that they deliver genuine products and investing in their products is worth their time and efforts. However, some websites include fake testimonials as well. The customers have to thoroughly research and then purchase the products. 

Some e-commerce websites only accept payments in cash. This is a red flag and must be considered by the customers. Online payment methods are much more secure. In case things go sour, these methods provide a full refund. However, nothing as such happens when payment is done in cash. 


Fraud is a common and damaging problem. It causes major monetary loss. To avoid such losses, it is highly recommended that customers conduct thorough research and then make a sound decision. It may not always be fruitful to trust one’s instinct as instincts can be wrong. If one does not feel comfortable engaging with an e-commerce business, one must thoroughly evaluate the company and then make a sound decision. 

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