Technology Services

Copperchips aims to transform traditional technologies by innovating and implementing novel modern technologies in its services.


At Copperchips we solve complex problems by providing simplified effective solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

Copperchips | Front End Services

Front End Services

We transform the way web and mobile applications are built by being adept in implementing code that caters to our client’s needs. We hold expertise in front-end technologies that are, responsive, progressive, contemporary, and adopt single-page SPA fundamentals that are integrated with javascript libraries.

Back End Services

We build sustainable & workable back-end platforms. We ensure that our backend technologies support microservice architectures and are robust in handling high traffic while maintaining the customer experience.
Copperchips | Back End Services
Copperchips | Framework


We integrate multiple industry-standard frameworks for boosting our proficiency & effectiveness as it provides accelerated development & smooth integration between frontend & backend. This allows us to deliver faster and maintain the code better.


We build performant, secure & internet-scale applications. Different business needs require different types of databases to support them, be it relational databases for consistent & structured data or NoSQL databases for inconsistent datasets we utilize them all to provide best-in-class services to our clients.
Copperchips Datebases Services
Copperchips Quality Engineering Services

Quality Engineering Services

We deploy agile methodologies to our grand range of 28+ unique quality engineering services that provide product-specific as well as platform-specific testing & automation. We help formulate enterprise-level Quality Assurance strategies that offer you an agile solution to all testing requirements your business has.

Cloud & DevOps Services

We provide client-specific cloud strategies that best suit their businesses. We assist businesses, make an entire shift from one cloud platform to another through our cloud migration services, whilst managing & continuously monitoring their dev-ops automation pipelines.
Copperchips Cloud & DevOps Services
Copperchips Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

We develop experiential native & hybrid applications for the entire range of mobile platforms and devices. Our mobile apps are engineered to provide exceptional and unique user interface & user experience for facilitating our client’s needs.