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SLAIT- Digital Engineering

We contemporized the communication platform for SLAIT and built an OTT platform to facilitate the audience.

  • Revamped the Security Features
  • Reduced Chating Time
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Personalized Content Management System
  • Developed OTT Applications


Our highly efficient team achieved milestones while fulfilling the objectives of SLAIT.

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One-Stop Solution

We meticulously analyzed the features of SLAIT’s app along with its target audience. Keeping the analysis in the back of our heads, we enabled the application to be a one-stop solution for the users.

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Introduced Translation

We incorporated message detection and translation service that helped our clients to have faster and hassle-free communication regardless of language barriers that may arise.

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Enhanced User Experience

We at Copperchips enhanced the user experiences of SLAIT’s customers by carefully mapping the user journey with automated and personalized recommendations.


SLAIT trusted our distinctive capabilities and extensive experience in fulfilling its objectives.

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Increased Security

SLAIT wanted utmost security for its confidential data and we made sure to help them achieve this.

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Analytics Dashboard

SLAIT wanted to manage its large customer database through an analytics dashboard.

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Continuous Monitoring

SLAIT wanted a 24 x 7 monitoring of its infrastructure and continuous support to approx 1000 active users.


We rigorously worked with the team of SLAIT to deliver optimal solutions rapidly.

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Audit Log for Admins

We produced an audit log to enable admins to analyze and detect breaches in application behavior that may be intentional or accidental.

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Analytics Dashboard

We fulfilled the objectives of SLAIT by deploying an analytics dashboard to enable admins to make vital business decisions.

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Translation Service

We completed eliminated the potential language barriers and facilitated communication by incorporating translation services.

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New Customer Base

We assisted SLAIT to acquire a new customer base of over 1000 active users on the app within about twelve months of it going live.

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Payment Gateways

We seamlessly integrated payment gateways in the app of SLAIT to not only build trust but also facilitate the entire transaction process.

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Enhance Performance

We enhanced the overall performance of SLAIT’s app by working on AWS services like Kinesis, SQS, and Lambda functions.

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