LearnDash - Content Marketing

We at Copperchips successfully intensified the digital presence of LearnDash through organic campaigns.

  • Managed Social Media Channels
  • Executed Organic Campaigns
  • Coordinated with associated stakeholders
  • Delivered Consistent Engagement Rate
  • Robust Content Marketing Strategy


Our highly flexible and robust business strategies enabled LearnDash to reach its target audience.

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Personalized Campaigns

Our highly proficient team at Copperchips planned and successfully executed personalized campaigns for LearnDash by thoroughly analyzing their business requirements.

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App Launch

Along with the web application, we deployed mobile applications to facilitate young and old learners alike. Our apps got an organic reach of about 162.5Mn.

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Increased Reach

We increased the reach of the web and mobile applications for LearnDash by organizing multiple and regular campaigns from 1.75 Mn to 4.5 Mn.


We conducted immense sessions to comprehend the objectives of LearnDash in a better way and present optimal solutions.

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Increase Audience Engagement

LearnDash wanted to increase its audience engagement across a minimum of seven social media handles.

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Optimized Infrastructure Costs

LearnDash wanted to reduce its infrastructure costs by 50% without affecting efficiency and productivity.

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Increased Awareness

LearnDash wanted to disseminate awareness among the masses about its latest offers and schemes.


We at Copperchips utilized our skills and technical know-how to design and launch various campaigns for LearnDash to fulfill its objectives.

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Efficient Content Marketing Strategy

We devised and deployed a robust and efficient content marketing strategy for the entire funnel along the LearnDash pillars- testimonials and vital announcements.

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Engagement Campaigns

After carefully analyzing the business requirements and target audience, we planned and launched various engagement campaigns to broadcast the latest offerings.

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Audited Existing Infrastructure

We audited the existing infrastructure of LearnDash against AWS best practices with the configuration management tools, CI/CD pipelines, and Security Automation.

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Highly Scalable Environments

We exploited the benefits of Docker and Amazon’s Elastic Container Service to develop highly scalable environments. These leverage spot instances and auto-calling that dynamically scale with changes in traffic.

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Facilitated Migration

We at Copperchips facilitated the migration of LearnDash from a monolithic framework to microservices for scalability, reusability, and efficiency.

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Infrastructure Provisioning

We controlled infrastructure and its provisioning in accordance with industry standards and protocols which resulted in increased deployment frequency.

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