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Top AngularJS Frameworks to Build Excellent Frontend

Date: 14-06-2022

We often tend to look for our competitor’s products. Those products that grab our attention are put into a list of imaginary recalls of products that gets to the brim whenever anyone mentions apps providing a great user experience. Moreover, we also enjoy sharing positive word of mouth about such products. Digital Transformation isn’t just about delivering functionality but also about delivering a seamless user experience. A highly visual product is unavoidable. Such a product crafts engagement and enables the overall experience intuitive.

While the backend is equally vital when it comes to performance and speed, the frontend is vital for the user to stay and perform the end goal let’s say downloading a whitepaper, buying a product, taking the services, or anything else.

The popularity of AngularJS Framework is ever-increasing among enterprises. AngularJS Framework is extensively used by big firms to build intuitive and engaging frontend. Many AngularJS development companies like Copperchips recommend their clients to choose AngularJS Framework over other frameworks because of the advantages it brings to the board. AngularJS Framework is known for two-way data binding, unit testing readiness, dependency injection, routing, and animations.

Clearly, it is a little overwhelming to choose the appropriate framework when developing top-notch AngularJS Framework based frontend applications. However, our experts at Copperchips are adept at providing the right guidance to our clients across the globe.

Our experts at Copperchips, a custom software development company, understand that there are various front-end frameworks available in the market that supports AngularJS. Hence, we have listed down the top AngularJS frameworks which are wholesome and can fit into the requirements of any enterprise for developing front-end applications.


Various AngularJS development companies excluding Copperchips find it challenging as well as quite complex to build progressive web and native applications. Their challenges can be resolved with Ionic, a free and open-source SDK that assists in building PWA and native apps. Ionic is a full cross-platform that utilizes over 120 native device features. These features include Bluetooth, HealthKit, Finger Print Auth, and much more. Ionic brings to the board multiple built-in components, an extensible base, and typography that adopts every platform.


The supersonic framework is used by Angular developers to build hybrid apps. This framework assists in creating a well-defined structure. However, other frameworks do not provide a good structural layout, further making the project complex.

Another perk of Supersonic is that by default supersonic apps follow the MVC ( Model-view-controller) pattern. This means that each of these is different and has diverse areas of responsibility to make the application fully functional.

Below are the additional features of a supersonic framework:

  • It is free and open-source.
  • It supports both the operating systems i.e., Android and iOS
  • It is less complicated

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular User Interface is a framework that is utilized to develop or design HTML5 mobile applications with a combination of both AngularJS Framework and Bootstrap. This framework follows the industry’s best practices and ensures a smooth user experience and enhanced performance. The framework is perfect for hybrid app development.

Here are some of the most advanced Mobile UI frameworks which are being utilized by enterprises as they are highly interactive:

  • Framework7: Free and open-source framework that assists in designing as well as developing hybrid mobile apps.
  • Ratchet: Utilizing CSS, JS components, and HTML, this mobile UI framework assists in building user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps.
  • OnSen UI: This mobile UI framework contributes to providing tools for developing HTML5 hybrid mobile apps.
Mobile Angular UI


JavaScript is mostly preferred in most app development projects. With the growth of applications, the size of JavaScript also increases and so does the complexity. This enables the testers to test web applications for different scenarios. This is where Protractor comes in. It plays a vital role while testing AngularJS Framework-based applications. The combination of impressive technologies like Jasmine, Selenium, and Web driver works as a solution. Protractor is not just used for testing AngularJS Framework-based applications but it is also supposed to write automated regression tests for standard Web Applications as well.

Protractor end to end

MEAN is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies. The collection includes MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js which are utilized for developing robust, swift, and scalable web applications. is not just lightweight and efficient but also assists in eliminating unproductive work whilst making sure that applications remain well organized. Additionally, it is one of the fastest-growing web development frameworks. It contains a well-detailed document that is quite helpful for Angular developers.

Here are a few advantages of MEAN:

  • Assists developers in writing the entire code in JavaScript.
  • It is open-source and free to use.
  • Stack updation occurs regularly.
  • Mean is quite flexible and easy to understand.

The Angular developers can make use of JSON and Node.js for transferring data.

Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular’s UI-Bootstrap is a framework written locally for AngularJS Framework. It offers more than two directives like alert, carousel, dropdown, buttons, and much more. The important element of this framework is that it consists of a set of AngularJS Framework directives that are highly based on CSS components, and Bootstrap HTML and it does not utilize jQuery.


LumX is a highly responsive front-end framework that is based on AngularJS Framework. It crafts excellent apps and websites by following the guideline of Material Design.

Here are some of the features of LumX: 

  • It designs applications easily and fastly with the help of Saas, jQuery, and AngularJS.
  • It is built on Neat, Bourbon, and Saas for providing a customized application.
  • It makes use of jQuery to boost the overall performance of web applications.
  • It is highly dependent on AngularJS Framework for facilitating web application development which is based on MVC (model-view-controller) pattern.
  • It is one of the best Javascript MVC Framework for building robust one-page applications.


It is an open-source highly scalable AngularJS framework that is based on AMD (Asynchronous Module Definitions) structure. This structure is the sole reason behind it being distinct from other AngularJS frameworks. It mandates deploying high-performance web applications and is great for writing features. SAAS, CoffeeScript, vanilla, and JADE JavaScript files are very well supported by Radian.

These were the top AngularJS frameworks that are utilized to build the excellent frontend for applications. Angular developers think very highly of these frameworks.

We at Copperchips, an AngularJS development company, are in the business of providing exemplary services for quite a while now. A glimpse of our services can be found by visiting our official website. You can also contact us in case you have any questions or queries regarding the AngularJS framework, our experts at Copperchips are always available for help.

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