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iOS App Development Tends for 2022

Date: 14-06-2022

We at Copperchips, one of the best iOS App development companies, have entered into an exceptional era for the mobile application sector. Our team of experts at Copperchips understands that with each day, new applications are entering the space and hence, the competition between iOS and Android app development have become cut-throat.

iOS App Development

This competition between Android and iOS App development has created a win-win situation for users. As the users from both sides of the operating system benefit from the exceptional user experience that is offered to them. A vital reason behind the growth of platforms is that iOS developers are offering and implementing constant improvements in operating systems.

In the following article, we will be together looking at the comprehensive list of iOS App development trends that one can expect in the coming years.

Swift 6 Programming Language

Swift 5 and Swift 5.1 entered the development domain in the year 2020 as enhanced and improved versions of iOS app programming language. The entry of the two tycoons into the market came with the purpose to attract business owners in investing in them. The compelling reasons that were brought to the board were: 

  • Compiler and Language updates
  • Package Manager Updates
  • Module Stability
  • SwiftSyntax updates
  • Standard Library Updates
  • Stable ABI and Binary Compatibility

The details of Swift 6 have not come to the fore. There are a few things that one can expect to improve this year. These include Enhanced tooling with Package Manager. Swift Language Server at the center, work on appropriate diagnostics. While taking care of rapid build, enhanced-debugging support, and memory ownership model. The addition of concurrency support in the iOS app programming language, and much more.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

One of the most awaited novel trends in iOS App development is how it would build keeping the foundational stone of Core Machine Learning intact, as it formed the greatest part of previous year’s iOS app trends.

The previous year’s updates around Machine Learning were planned in a way that reconfirmed the norm of Artificial Intelligence. It feels like this year will be no different than the previous year. We at Copperchips believe that Apple will continue to build upon improvements of the previous year’s Core Machine Learning updates:

  • Novel Layer Types
  • Support for Encrypting Models
  • Ability to Host Model Updates on Cloudkit

No matter whichever trend stocks iOS App development domain, one thing is for sure iOS developers will see a lot more intelligent apps entering the market.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most successfully implemented novel iOS App Development trends. In recent years, AR turned into a true mania on iOS platforms of virtually any branch of human activity. 

Augmented reality is extremely popular as giants like IKEA or L’Oreal have started utilizing it for their iOS app development and the rest have started following suit after taking a lot at the audience base that these giants have captured.

The ARKit 5 framework equips iOS developers and users with enhanced opportunities and experiences. Now, this framework combined with Machine Learning will allow you to place AR objects at a specific location since it is utilizing Location Anchor.

Internet of Things

Hence, Internet of Things is a great example of how showing how vital it is to bind iOS app development to the modifications in the daily life of consumers. This is a technology that enables users to connect all their devices to one system and use them seamlessly.

The HomeKit introduced by Apple not only allows the integration of devices from multiple vendors into a single ecosystem but also enables the ability to control them from an iPhone. These devices can be controlled by Siri – one of the most popular voice-controlled personal assistants.

With the onset of novel updates, HomeKit Secure Video enables users furthermore to receive notifications about important activity in their homes, and view its footage straight from the Lock Screen. Interestingly, Secure Video requires no additional charges, as it works with the existing iCloud plan.

Taking into consideration the advancement of smart home devices, HomeKit will be certainly among iOS app development trends in 2022.


Cloud-Based iOS apps deserve a special place in the top iOS App Development trends of 2022. Presently these apps are capable of storing, organizing, and managing large amounts of data without affecting the user experience.

CloudKit is a tool for saving and transferring data that opens novel opportunities for iOS App Development. Now, there are still quite a few limits to fulfilling complex and challenging tasks and meeting the expectations of the app’s users.

One should highly consider CloudKit for creating cloud-based iOS apps:

  • Setup and Usage Simplicity
  • Clear and Convenient Organization
  • Trustworthiness
  • Cost-effectiveness

The above-mentioned perks make CloudKit a competitive framework among other BaaS services and an excellent choice for iOS  Developers at all levels.

Certainly, every year commences with iPhone users updating their devices. So enterprises partner with iOS app Development companies to migrate the existing version of apps to the novel OS version. This year too, enterprises are updating their apps to the iOS 14 version.

The features that iOS 14 announced were truly revolutionary in nature. iOS 14 certainly set a new standard. Hence right from an overhauled widget experience to App Clips, an expansive set of ARKit 4 tools, and a range of privacy tweaks.

Our experts at Copperchips are certain that the novel features of iOS 15 will be as extraordinary as the previous versions, if not any less.

Privacy Updates

iOS App development services are esteemed in the industry for their security features. The iOS 14 update reconfirmed this fact. Since the updates of iOS 14 came with a series of features. Features that confirmed how security is the one thing that remains significantly uncompromised in this history of iOS app development.

  • Modifications in store-level control and IDFA.
  • Modifications in app install attribution. 
  • Modification in geo-location access.
  • Privacy report highlighting ‘tracking’ companies.

The year 2022 will witness every iOS app development company like Copperchips, revisiting their development approach. To further ensure that there is no loophole in the application.

Here were the various trends that our experts at Copperchips believe will rule 2022 and beyond. However, only time will tell if these trends would dominate the sector or not. Additionally, our custom software development company, named Copperchips has been working in this sector for quite a while now. If you need someone to clarify your doubts regarding iOS App Development services, our team of experts at Copperchips will always be available for you. You can even visit our official website and evaluate our distinct skill set.

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