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Top 5 reasons why developers use ReactJS for their projects

Date: 27-04-2022

It’s high time that we imbibe the fact that the ecosystem of frontend development is continuously evolving. Novel tools and features are being released almost every day and with immense libraries and frameworks available to choose from, it has become quite daunting for enterprise owners to make the correct decision. When one wishes to develop their front-end, it is observed that Angular is the default choice among enterprise owners. However, ReactJS has been breaking records and setting up its name in the web development space. 

This article features ReactJS and answers the burning question of why developers should use ReactJS for their next project. 

ReactJS has gradually evolved to become one of the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries that aid in developing appealing web apps that require minimal effort and coding. It is built and maintained by Facebook. It is developed for building elegant, fast and scalable front-end of web applications and to provide an engaging User Interface to its users. 

Ever since the launch of ReactJS, it has taken the front-end development space by storm. Now, ReactJS is a popular choice like Angular. Let us now see why developers should use ReactJS for their projects. 

Reasons behind popularity of ReactJS amongst React developers

Creates dynamic web applications rapidly

Creating a dynamic web application with clumsy HTML strings was a challenging affair as it required intricate and complex coding. ReactJS, on the other hand, overcomes this challenge. It utilizes JSX – an optional syntax extension that lets developers write their components. ReactJS is quite efficient in writing custom components, building high-volume applications, and converting HTML mockups into ReactElement trees by using JSX.  

Enables Developers to Reuse components

ReactJS comes along with the potential to reuse components. This saves React developers time and effort. As they don’t have to write various lines of code for the same features. Moreover, if any changes need to be implemented in any particular part, it will not have any impact on other parts of the application. As there is less coding involved in ReactJS, there are fewer chances of committing errors. This enhances the speed of the application and retains customers.

Easier to Learn and Use

ReactJS is not fully-featured but it leverages open-source JavaScript GUI libraries which would enable developers to execute tasks in a better way. If developers wish to learn and implement ReactJS then they would be able to do it within a short period. One can quite easily learn insights and get acquainted with its features. To rapidly and smoothly build web and mobile applications. Moreover, the reason behind ReactJS’s popularity is that it is easier as compared to other popular front-end applications. Especially applications like Angular, Vue, and much more.

Assured Enhanced Performance

The Document Object Model or DOM is a cross-platform and programming API and is structured in a tree shape. A minor modification at a higher level can have a huge impact on the user interface of an application. To get away with this challenge, Facebook introduced a virtual DOM feature. Virtual DOM allows testing all changes to the virtual DOM first to calculate risks with every modification. This methodology assists developers in maintaining high app performance and assures an enhanced user experience. 


The React developers have often complained about the inability of JavaScript frameworks to be SEO-friendly. However, ReactJS eliminates this feature and allows the developers to build engaging User Interfaces. ReactJS as compared to other frameworks significantly reduces the page loading time. This further enables enterprises to secure the first rank on the Google Search Engine Result Page.  

Due to these above-mentioned points, ReactJS has obtained the limelight. We hope that by now you very well understand why ReactJS is the way to go for developing your next project. Just like Angular, nodeJS is also an excellent framework and is worthy of our undivided attention. So, when are you planning to hire a top-notch React developer? Before you take any step forward we must make you remember that building a supreme quality React app. This would require you to hire an experienced and trustworthy ReactJS development company like Copperchips.

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