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Copperchips has provided Shopify based services to 70+ clients and has helped their businesses increase their outreach and sales by developing 100+ unique Shopify e-commerce stores with captivating storefronts and seamless user experience. We have helped our Shopify clients gain more leads and convert better, giving them the competitive edge in the e-commerce industry. Our dedicated team of Shopify experts & web developers, works together in synergy to provide timely, quality-driven, and requirement-centric Shopify services to our clients.

Shopify Web Development Services

Our Shopify services are best in the market & have helped our clients reach new heights in their businesses.

Shopify Configuration - Copperchips

We provide an all rounded shopify configuration that entails quick installation, custom setup, on-demand alterations, and many more. We do it all to meet your e-commerce business’s demands and expectations.

Mobility Development Company - Copperchips
Shopify Theme

For every single client of ours, our team of highly creative and professional designers crafts an exclusive and unique user interface to produce an elegant look for your shopify store with custom shopify themes.

QA Engineering | Copperchips

We are flexible with our clients and allow on-demand tweaks and alterations based on your needs. We tailor the functionality of your shopify platform so it can be the best fit for you and your business.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backups | Copperchips
Data Migration

We help migrate all legacy data from different platforms that you might have hosted your e-commerce platform in the past, to your new Shopify e-commerce store without any loss of integrity or security.

Copperchips QA Engineering Services
Maintenance &

We enhance the longevity of your Shopify eCommerce store by keeping it running like new through our Shopify maintenance, upgrade, and support services that are in place for ensuring consistent excellence.

Consultation & Discussion - Copperchips
Consultation &

We’ll provide a tailored solutions and quality advise through consultation by assessing and analyzing your business requirements. We make sure to provide unique and client-specific consultations that best suit their aspirations.

Qualities of Shopify Development

Our special qualities make us extra-special, as they provide an added benefit on top of the Shopify web store development services we offer.

Extended Functionalities - Copperchips

We offer tons of marketing tools with self-hosting functionality, that can be utilized to produce a fully featured online store that comes with every function needed.

Desktop App Automation | Copperchips
Easy Backend

We make it very easy, we set things up, add products, and help you serve your customers with Shopify. The streamlined CMS interface tackles all the load so you can work more easily.

Cost-Effective Options - Copperchips

Detailed discussions with our clients help identify the ideal services they’ll need, we eliminate unnecessary costs, so that you only pay for what your project actually requires.

Social Media Integration - Copperchips
Social Media

In this digital era, social media is of utmost importance. We provide social media integration to your shopify store, so you can have a community of followers-cum-customers.

SEO Friendly URLs Services - Copperchips
SEO Friendly

We optimize URLs and keywords for your Shopify store, making it fully SEO compatible. We help your store to show up tops in the search engine results, broadening your reach to future-customers.

Copperchips QA Tester
Complete Design

Our dedicated design team crafts fully customizable templates based on your business needs, with Shopify theme templating engine itself, making your store look elegant & mesmerizing.

Copperchips Provinding Quality Engineering Services

We always welcome our clients to be a part of the process. We provide complete transparency about what we do and how we do it through collaborative communication with our clients.

Engineering Quality Assurance | Copperchips

For us timely delivery is of as much importance as it is for you, this is why we always ensure to deliver our projects in time without compromising on our quality.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backups | Copperchips
Disaster Recovery &
Data Backups

We produce a series of multiple shopify integrated backups whenever we take on a new project to ensure that you never lose on your data and can work without worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify web development is a complete marketing suite that enables businesses to easily scale their target audience. Shopify offers many SEO features, for instance, customizable headlines, titles, and meta tags can enable your website to rank higher in search results.

Shopify store supports all the payment gateways. These payment gateways enable customers to make payments through their preferred payment medium.

The costs of building a Shopify e-commerce store depend on multiple factors like Features & Functionality, Modules, Tools, frameworks, and technology stack, Design complexity and scalability, Backend infrastructure and administration, Technical team size involved, and Third-Party app integrations.

We can surely, provide you with a dedicated Project Manager for the chosen Shopify website development services. Though we will be always available for you, in case you encounter any major challenges we will assign you a temporary project manager to address your issues.

You should choose Copperchips for the Shopify development services because we strive to assign the best talent for your project. Our Shopify experts undergo a stringent vetting process before their shortlisting.