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Why DevOps and Cloud are the drivers of digital transformation?

Date: 26-05-2022

It is imperative to compete with peers in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. Digital Transformation, hence, is the only factor that enables businesses to achieve a competitive edge over others. DevOps and Cloud are the two ways businesses can make the transition they require. This is because DevOps deal with workflow and process development, whereas, Cloud computing is related to cloud network services. It is exceptionally vital to comprehend how DevOps and Cloud work in synergy to assist companies in meeting their transition goals.

DevOps and Cloud complement each other. Hence for every effective Digital Transformation trajectory, the amalgamation of the two is mandatory. Enterprises that focus on developers for operations often utilize cloud computing to speed up the productivity and efficiency of developers. Cloud computing enables developers to possess more control over their components, resulting in shorter wait times. By fully exploiting cloud software, developers simplify the code-building, management, and deployment cycle, which further leads to enhanced speed of the production process, eliminating possible human errors and enabling repeatability.

Cloud computing even enables users to develop self-service methods for providing infrastructure. It further enables developers to quickly try new things, fails quickly, and manage to get the latest products on the market rapidly. DevOps, on the other hand, is a forum where developers and operations operate together utilizing the cloud as a universal language.

In this way, DevOps and Cloud can work together as drivers of digital transformation and assist enterprises in achieving their goals. But what are the benefits associated with the two?

How do DevOps and Cloud assist in Digital Transformation?

Here are the ways DevOps and Cloud are useful in digitally transforming businesses.

Changing Cultural Mindset

Ideally, digital transformation must involve culture as well as technology. DevOps encourage teams to embrace the automation of processes. Automation can save teams considerable time and the possibility of error.

DevOps promote collaboration between teams. Teams of development, operations, security, and much more collaborate more to achieve the common goal of delivering high-quality products for their customers.

Changes in technology happen rapidly. Hence, the use of automation and enhanced collaboration is vital for digital transformation to succeed. Additionally, the change in cultural mindset that DevOps brings to the board can increase the happiness and productivity of teams.

Reduced Costs

Some of the reasons that can cause software development to be expensive and in-efficient can be the isolation of multiple teams and departments involved in a project. As mentioned above, DevOps and Cloud bring the development and operation team closer, further reducing silos and decreasing the number of handoffs. Since teams work closely together, there is more understanding among them and less need to rework features. While utilizing DevOps, the project teams do not need to wait for the next piece of instruction to be made available. In consequence, the amount of time that could be wasted was reduced.

Speed is quite vital in the digital transformation trajectory. Getting the innovation done quickly and eliminating or cutting the need to rework tasks can save enterprises considerable time and monetary resources.

Enhanced Efficiency

DevOps and Cloud put enterprises in a better position to experiment with novel ideas. These experiments can assist organizations to learn about the patterns and practices that really work, further making digital transformation more effective.

DevOps and Cloud can also assist enterprises in discovering new business opportunities that are driven by digital transformation. Apart from making processes better, DevOps and Cloud ensure rapid adoption of the tech, further creating brand-new opportunities.

Increase in Quality of Work

Due to less or no communication between teams, there is more room for error in a non-DevOps space. Digital transformation may introduce processes that reduce error, however, DevOps and Cloud can assist an organization benefit from such processes.

We have already understood from this article that DevOps promotes a culture of automation. Digital Transformation, on the other hand, ensures automation. Automation reduces or completely eliminates the possibility of human error. Hence, the overall enhanced productivity of the work ensues.

Increased Innovation

Automating repetitive tasks can save a considerable amount of time for both the development team as well as operations team. Resulting in more relaxed, happier, and more productive teams, which further enables them to do more innovative activities.

While digital transformation ensures innovation, DevOps and Cloud encouraged practices that create new innovations. It is highly unlikely that DevOps and Cloud will exist without digital transformation.

Highly Secure

With security threats on the rise, many enterprises want their systems to be highly secure. The huge advantage of a DevOps and Cloud approach is the containerization of one’s applications. This creates the potential to transform IT from a cost center into a business value driver with less risk of security challenges. For instance, adopting a DevOps approach enables you to quickly implement necessary security modifications while keeping key applications running, preventing lost productivity and unnecessary costs.

Digital Transformation along with DevOps and Cloud enables businesses to modernize and adopt improvements in technology. A successful digital transformation involves a cultural shift, which leads to enhanced efficiency and reduce time.

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, staying in the games is extremely challenging. To do so, organizations must innovate themselves rapidly. DevOps and Cloud make digital transformation faster and reduce waste.

Enterprises need to adopt DevOps and Cloud to reap all its benefits and achieve their goals. DevOps and Cloud increase employee satisfaction and reduce the costs of building a product. To leverage the benefits of the top-class DevOps and Cloud services provider, contact Copperchips today.

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