Eatlo - UI/UX Designs

We assisted Eatlo in increasing its conversion rates by 30% through our appealing and unique UI/UX designs.

  • Engaging UI/UX Designs
  • Extensive and Scalable Architecture
  • Feature-Rich Mobile Apps
  • User-Friendly Experiences
  • Enhanced User Journey


We imbibed Eatlo’s requirements and drove their business to digitalization using powerful tech suites.

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Enhanced User Journey

Our highly proficient team of designers endeavored to enhance the customer journey by deploying revolutionary UI/UX designs into Eatlo’s mobile and web applications. The designs ensured a speedy, easy, and glitch-free journey.

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Robust Architecture

We conducted Product Discovery Workshops to grasp Eatlo’s business requirements and consequently put sincere efforts into laying out robust architecture and breathing life into the ambitions of Eatlo.

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Progressive Analytics

We incorporated advanced analytics into the web and mobile applications of Eatlo which enabled admins to track and evaluate the app’s performance based on graphs and digestible data. These data would enable them to make sound choices.


Eatlo trusted our distinct qualities and leveraged our exemplary services for their digital revamping expedition.

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Expanded Digital Footprint

Eatlo wanted to expand its digital footprint across the globe by utilizing powerful tech suits and tools.

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QR Functionality

Eatlo wanted a contactless delivery experience for the diners and to establish QR functionality in the apps.

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Screen Transition

Eatlo wanted to structure its large food menu in an elegant way and provide a quick screen transition to the users of the app.


We equipped Eatlo with engaging UI UX Designs, User-friendly experiences, enhanced user journeys, and feature-rich web and mobile applications.

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Eliminated Operational Challenges

At the onset of the project, there were many operational complexities due to poor product management. Our team thoroughly researched and resolved the challenges by undertaking appropriate actions at the appropriate time.

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Quicker Transition Time

We thoroughly researched the multiple menus and extensive user base of Eatlo and accordingly utilized tools to ensure a quicker transition time to our clients as demanded by them.

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Highly Efficient User Experience

In addition to organizing our client's menu, we personalized apps according to users browsing history and facilitated them to check their order history and conduct transactions through multiple payment gateways.

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Brand-Aligned System Changes

Our designers stripped-down Eatlo’s mobile application to a bone level. We evaluated and researched which part of the user journey was not working. We then worked on the areas that needed amends.

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Business Reports and Insights

We provided significant business reports and insights by analyzing lots of statistical data using PowerBI. These insights enabled our clients to make informed decisions about their business.

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Well Researched App Development

We developed highly efficient and performant native apps for both iOS and Android platforms while maintaining the rich look and feel across multiple platforms. Our UI and UX designs enabled clients to increase and maintain their customer base.

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