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Vesta - Android Development

Under our digital transformation initiative, we meticulously engineered Android native plugins along with highly functional and feature-rich native apps for Vesta

  • High Performant Native Apps
  • Robust Backend Development
  • End to End Testing
  • Compelling Experiential Designs
  • Business Reports and Insights


Vesta leverages our ingenious team of expert Android developers that channel their experience and skills diligently to assist in building elegant & innovative Android native applications and plugins for Vesta.

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Android Plugin Development

We made easy-to-integrate Android plugins that can be incorporated inside of Android native apps with just a tap of a button, making API integration a smooth & seamless experience. These plugins automatically handle the wiring with the APIs and leave no space for botheration. A single plugin brings the entirety of fraud detection services that Vesta offers.

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Android App Development

The Android app we developed was uniquely engineered to best suit our client, Vesta’s requirements. We worked closely with Vesta for our Android initiative and ensured a multitude of functionalities, like a smooth & seamless customer journey with identical experience to the web portal, all within the small real estate of a smartphone or tablet.

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User Notification Alerts

Whether from the e-commerce apps having integrated Vesta plugin or from the dedicated Android native app, the users immediately receive transaction & fraud detection notification alerts, that timely inform them about a fraudulent transaction that has taken place on their account based on Vesta’s user event tracking technology.


We provided highly performant & functionality-rich Android plugin that seamlessly integrated with any Android native application without any additional effort or struggle. In addition, we also provided Android native apps, which necessitated traffic handling without losing on performance & functionality.

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High Traffic Enduring Platform

We built Vesta’s Android native plugins in JAVA & Kotlin language for customers to easily integrate Vesta’s fraud detection services through APIs on their Android apps. These integrations will ensure that fraud is tracked & dealt with in the transactions that happen through Android apps as well.

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Responsive and Progressive Portals

Vesta was very determined to provide its entire client base of millions of users with a consistent and an identical experience across all platforms and that included Android as well. We developed equally responsive and progressive Android native portals for Vesta in this initiative.

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Special Plugins for Integration Purposes

Vesta wanted a compact feature-rich Android native platform that was capable of effectively delivering engaging customer experience without compromising on quality. As Vesta has many big clients with millions of users, the platform also needed to be effective in enduring high traffic & bulk data.


Copperchips has been playing an instrumental role in developing Vesta’s Android Native products where our work spans from designing, developing, and testing their Android native plugins & Android native apps in a blended agile environment.

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Compelling UI/UX designs

Designing Vesta’s front-facing Android native apps where we are defining user journeys and curating compelling experiential designs that engrave an everlasting impact. Engineering the app to be highly performant and function-rich while retaining a consistent look & feel across platforms.

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Responsive Dashboard Development

Developing Vesta’s internal admin dashboards and customer-facing dashboards by leveraging single-page app SPA fundamentals. We are developing vibrant & responsive dashboards that enable unique and seamless experiences on all devices and platforms.

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Robust Backend Development

We are developing a robust backend system for Vesta that is capable of powering the front-end web applications, as well as mobile apps with a microservice architecture, that is built on Spring Boot, Istio, & hosted on Azure cloud.

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Manual & Automated Testing

We are providing end-to-end testing services that utilize both manual and automation testing to develop production grade and highly performant Android plugins for Vesta. Our testing processes are interwoven into our blended agile methodology that allows for simultaneous corrections through multiple iterations.

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Business Reports & Insights

We are providing business intelligence by developing business reports and graphical insights that transform a lot of statistical data into meaningful reports and engaging insights using PowerBI and help the clients to make informed decisions based on them.

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Dev Ops Automation

We are providing our DevOps services to Vesta where we are automating Vesta’s pipelines for quick & automated building, testing, and deployment of dockerized Android applications that are hosted on Kubernetes in Azure cloud.

User & Event Tracking

Plugins developed by us provide user tracking & user event tracking. Transaction location, transaction ID, order ID, app navigation history & IP address, everything gets accounted for and feeds into Vesta’s highly intelligent AI systems & machine learning algorithms.

Compiled Plugin Library

We provided Vesta with a complete fraud detection plugin library that smoothly integrated their mobile apps with their fraud detection APIs for protecting their customers from fraud. We developed the main plugin along with the data collector app plugin that collects user data, user location, and behavioral data

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