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Vesta - Digital Transformation

With our extensive experience & highly proficient services we helped Vesta build, scale, and manage wide variety of digital initiatives under our digital transformation practice.

  • Replaced Legacy Platforms
  • Built Highly Responsive Native Apps
  • Provided Scalable Cloud-Native Apps
  • Seamlessly Handled High Volume Traffic
  • Provided Insightful Business Reports


With the ambition to provide enhanced, disruptive value-added services to their clients by moving from traditional to contemporary Vesta embarked on a digital transformation journey by leveraging our product engineering services.

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High-Velocity Project Delivery

Our team works as an extended arm of Vesta. Our skillful and expert developers drive project artifacts with high velocity and boost the overall productivity to ensure on-time delivery of a project. This makes our team highly efficient, constructive & high-yielding.

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Entire Client-Base Porting

We helped Vesta by facilitating and managing the migration of its entire client base of millions of users from its past legacy platform to the newly developed enterprise platform developed by us, whilst ensuring data integrity and seamless migration.

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Complete System Transformation

We facilitated a complete digital transformation for Vesta’s systems by utilizing our adaptive development lifecycles that are supported by our unique blended agile methodologies. Our initiative with Vesta covers an entire range of our product engineering services.


Vesta wanted novel enterprise-grade performant systems that could handle high load & traffic without losing on performance & functionality

Wordpress Development Services - Copperchips

We are developing highly responsive portals for Vesta that can seamlessly adjust themselves based on different platforms and screen sizes without compromising on their design and appearance. These portals are progressive and are delivered through the web.

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We have engineered Vesta’s novel enterprise platform to be highly performance-oriented and have enabled it to endure high streams of traffic and loads of user data whilst retaining its high performant nature. This has enabled Vesta to cater to 10,000 client requests per minute.

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Customer Experience

We built sustainable back-end platforms that supported microservice architectures and were robust in handling high processing while maintaining a superior customer experience. We utilized Azure’s cloud hosting and provided dev-ops automation for Vesta.


Copperchips has been playing an instrumental role in developing Vesta’s enterprise digital products where our work spans from designing, architecting, developing, and testing their multiple digital properties in a blended agile environment.

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Well Researched UX Design & App Development

Designing their front-facing apps where we are defining user journeys, curating compelling experiential designs with industry’s best practices. Developing high performant native applications for both Android & iOS platforms, while retaining a consistent look and feel across platforms.

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Robust Dashboard Development

Developing their internal admin dashboards as well as customer-facing dashboards on react.js & next.js by leveraging single page app SPA fundamentals. We provide vibrant & responsive dashboards that enable unique and seamless experiences on all devices and platforms.

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Complete Back End Development

We developed a robust backend system for Vesta that was capable of powering the front-end web applications, as well as mobile apps with a microservice architecture, built on Spring Boot, Istio, & hosted on Azure cloud. We built sustainable & workable back-end platforms.

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Manual & Automated Testing

We are providing end-to-end testing services that utilize both manual and automation testing to develop production grade and highly performant systems. Our testing processes are interwoven into our blended agile methodology that allows for simultaneous corrections.

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Business Reports & Insights

We are providing business intelligence by developing business reports and graphical insights that transform a lot of statistical data into meaningful reports and engaging insights using PowerBI and helps the clients to make informed decisions based on them.

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Dev Ops Automation

We are providing our DevOps services to Vesta where we are automating Vesta’s pipelines for quick & automated building, testing, and deployment of dockerized applications that are hosted on Kubernetes in Azure cloud.

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