Data & Analytics Services

Precision focussed data engineering & data analytics services that utilize advanced technologies like data mining, data sciences, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and BI data visualization.
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We guide enterprises through the entire process of data science implementation, from training the data to optimizing data strategies and designing the required output. Our data & analytics solutions solve all the data challenges faced by businesses today. Our data experts utilize critical data to engineer data science processes and process gazillions of disparate data bits into insightful and actionable analysis reports that help in making informed & smart business-critical decisions through potential insights that uncover future trends.

We deploy an excellent team of experienced data scientists & data analysts to engineer systems that predict business outcomes better, faster, and more efficiently. We leverage Advanced Analytics for enabling quick risk mitigation and help your business in gaining competitive advantage. We help you drive insights from real-time as well as historical data to make your digital platforms more efficient.

Machine Learning Services

We offer the best end-to-end Data & Analytics services leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Data Science, and other advanced technologies to develop high-value technical solutions that help our clients to derive great value by leveraging the power of data and unlocking actionable business insights through it.

Data & Analytics Services

We help enhance your business by providing a series of quality machine learning services. Our machine learning solutions are produced using Python, PySpark, and SQL. Through them, we transform raw data into clean and usable datasets.

Front End Services Providers | Copperchips

We provide scalable and cutting-edge solutions to gain actionable insights from existing data, processes, customers & markets, resulting in better business outcomes.

Multiple A.I.

Accelerate your business with our AI models. We offer descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, & prescriptive models. Our AI models are made smarter through tweaking, learning, and adding more data.

Copperchips QA Tester

We build scalable deep learning solutions using the right combination of software, drivers, computing, memory, network, and storage resources.

Copperchips Web Development Services

Businesses utilize our image recognition services to create softwares that enable users to detect people, places, objects, & other attributes like text in images.

User Interface Designing Company | Copperchips

Our video intelligence services help businesses to detect and identify intruders, track people and objects. With this technology, we can tag different entities in videos or motion pictures.

SEO Friendly URLs Services - Copperchips

Our text analytics solutions include sentiment analysis, text analysis, language detection, keyphrase extraction, document categorization, and content classification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our engineers & developers are thoroughly screened. We ensure that you’re matched with the talent of the highest caliber. You'll work with highly experienced engineering experts that understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics. Copperchips brings expert vetted talent from our network, that is custom matched to fit your business needs.

Copperchips aims to digitally transform businesses and for that, we provide a vast variety of software development solutions and other related services. We also provide data science solutions like a data science company. We have an assembled cross-functional team of senior project managers, data scientists, software engineers, designers, business strategy experts, and other experts. Our team members work through a well-defined development process to build fully functional solutions. We host a very diverse range of skill sets and experiences from software engineers to user experience designers and business intelligence experts. Our data engineers are highly skilled in the latest data science technologies as they come with several years of experience in data analysis and neural networks. We have built recommendation engines, machine learning models, and data warehouses, and integrated multiple data sources.

You may have reached the limits of an existing reporting platform, or you may have a case of statistical analysis that current employees do not have the capability or expertise to solve. It’s time to hire a data scientist for deriving insights hidden deep within your data. A skilled data scientist can help you make sense of your company’s data, and derive insights that help you make important business decisions.

The first step is understanding that you need to use your data for specific insight and direction, followed by the next (and most important) step - to hire a data scientist who has the experience level necessary to help you define the goals you want to achieve, through data science know-how. Toptal data scientists have a deep understanding of how to use both small and expansive datasets to accomplish your business objectives.

When searching for a data scientist, it is essential to seek out a skilled data scientist with clear, demonstrated expertise and a strong background in the subject. Data scientists employed by us are experts in their field, with proficiencies in predictive analytics, data pipelines, and machine learning. We have a team of experts that can carry your data science goals through from start to finish.