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We have a proven track record of consulting services that help organizations to leverage the full potential of GIS technology, that include comprehensive GIS-based studies and implementation.

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GIS Services for Effective Geospatial Data Management

As a leading GIS company, Copperchips extends its Geospatial and IT services to clients around the globe. We offer a wide range of GIS services to help you make informed decisions by leveraging location-based data. Our team of experts has extensive experience in GIS technology, software, and data management, ensuring that you get the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Our team of dedicated and professional GIS experts works closely with various GIS companies to provide tailored solutions and GIS mapping services. Our skilled and committed team in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) swiftly takes action and handles the GIS data.

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GIS Service Offering

We offer GIS services that let companies manage, analyze, and visualize complex geospatial data, providing a comprehensive understanding of GIS mapping across geographical areas.

Custom App/Web Development

We deliver tailored web and app development (for different platforms) to meet our client's unique business needs specializing in custom GIS and LBS for retail, logistics, tours & travel, social media & dating, OTT, weather, etc.

GIS Integration Services

We enable businesses to integrate GIS and geospatial data into existing systems and workflows like CRM, ERP, MIS, or IoT for better planning and decision-making in real-time.

Navigation App Development

We possess expertise in customized navigation app development for platforms like iOS, Android, and Web which utilizes APIs from Google, Mapbox, OSRM, etc. Depending on the client’s needs and budget.

Location Based Services (LBS)

We provide comprehensive location-based services including route optimization, tracking, address marking, geocoding, site selection, and PoI extraction for tourism, delivery, scenic routes, target marketing, etc.

Spatial Data Capture & Analysis

We provide comprehensive Spatial Data Services, from digitization and data conversion to image processing, survey, work order posting, and data integration, that help organizations drive better business outcomes.

Geospatial Database Management

We excel in offering expert data manipulation and management solutions for a range of geospatial data types including customer addresses, sales data, equipment locations, delivery routes, etc.

Utility and Topography Mapping

We boast expertise in mapping subsurface/overhead utilities like Telecom, Electrical, Oil & Gas etc. with existing topography for efficient planning, management, and maintenance of utility infrastructure.

Maintenance and Support

We offer outsourced GIS support, system testing services, and data updating to ensure seamless maintenance and efficient functioning of your GIS infrastructure.

Associated Services Include

As a leading GIS company, Copperchips extends its Geospatial and IT services to clients around the globe. We offer a wide range of GIS services to help you make informed decisions by leveraging location-based data.

Engineering CAD Drafting Services

We offer a wide variety of CAD services, including 2D and 3D drafting, modeling, conversion, rendering, and more. From planning to implementation, Our services are designed to be flexible and of the highest quality. We aim to help other organizations reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, optimize resources, and maximize profits.

  • Land Survey Drafting
  • Architectural CAD
  • CAD Conversion
  • 3D Modelling
  • CAD 2D Drawing
  • Civil Engineering CAD
  • Structural CAD Drawing
  • Electrical CAD Drawings

LiDAR Services and Drafting

The revolutionary LiDAR technology can capture valuable on-field information by utilizing a periodic laser to illuminate the target. The technology can provide highly accurate elevation and distance between objects as well, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of industries. We offer reliable and efficient LiDAR data post-processing and 3D-modelled landscape mapping services to help clients improve their operational efficiency and enhance decision-making.

  • LiDAR Data Processing
  • Point Cloud Classification
  • Power Line Classification
  • Tree Classification
  • BIM Data Processing
  • Drone (UAV) Data Processing

Why Choose Copperchips?

Whether a custom web mapping application or GIS consulting, our team has the expertise to help businesses unlock the power of geospatial data with advanced analytics, mapping, and location based solutions be it a routing app, asset tracking or supply chain management, list is endless.

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Cost Efficiency

Unlocking unmatched cost efficiency is our forte, fueling your revenue growth to new heights.

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Distributed Delivery Model

Enabling seamless collaboration across vast geographical landscapes through an efficiently crafted distributed delivery model.

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Value Customer’s needs

At Copperchips, nothing is more paramount than ensuring the absolute fulfillment of our valued client’s needs.

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Robust Applications

Fortifying with impenetrable security, we master the craft of building indestructible and robust applications.

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We always stick to a process that is open to everyone and collaborative.

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Strategic Milestones

Our unwavering dedication to businesses’ requirements, triumphing in accomplishing strategic milestones.

“Highly professional, efficient, and responsive teams.”

I recently used the software services provided by Copperchips, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The team at Copperchips was highly professional, efficient, and responsive to my needs at all times. The post-launch support provided by Copperchips is also exceptional. I highly recommend their software services to anyone looking for a reliable, innovative, and customer-focused software solution provider.

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“Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction”

I had the pleasure of hiring top developers of Copperchips for my project, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations in every way possible. From the initial consultation to the final product launch, the team at Copperchips was professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. They took the time to understand my specific requirements and developed a customized software solution.

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“Amazing Service, Satisfied to our core”

Copperchips defined what true value is. We are fully satisfied as we got much more than we demanded our web-development project that needed React.JS for building user interface components that too in minimal costs.

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“Digital Solutions = Copperchips”

I am glad for having chosen Copperchips as our digital partner. They were very supportive and carried an innovative approach to building E-Commerce platforms utilizing Magento which helped me and my company to trust them even more. Great going guys!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When considering GIS programming, one language that stands out is Python. What makes it a popular choice is, it is extremely rich in geoprocessing and mapping libraries like GDAL, geopandas, folium, etc. The power of file system manipulation, networking, web scraping, and automation make it a popular choice. QGIS and ArcGIS both default to using Python as their programming language for these reasons.

GPS technology captures data from satellites to enable individuals to pinpoint their precise location. GIS takes the data gathered through GPS and arranges it in a way that is practical and easy to comprehend.

We can differentiate between geo-coding and geo-referencing based on their methods. Geocoding involves converting written data such as place names or addresses into map coordinates, while geo-referencing involves assigning map coordinates to a satellite image, scanned paper maps, drone photos, etc. Although both methods result in the same output, the approach to achieving it is distinct.

A system for organizing and managing spatial data is commonly known as a geodatabase. This database structure is designed to manage and store different types of geographic datasets, including network datasets, feature classes, attribute tables, raster datasets, and topologies. A geodatabase contains essential information such as geometry, attributes, spatial reference system, and behavioral rules for data.

LiDAR is a technology that uses laser pulses emitted from an aircraft, such as a helicopter or plane, to capture data and produce highly accurate digital terrain models. It is a reliable remote-sensing technology commonly used to create surface models.

Looking for Professional Approach & Quality GIS Services

From utilizing our multiple GIS services to consultancy and guidance with GIS mapping, At Copperchips every work is a substantial service. We value your needs and wants, be that as it may. Our teams will design, build and scale your ideas and make them a reality in the most efficient way.

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