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What is App Store Optimization and Benefits Of ASO?

Date: 06-01-2023

Greetings readers, today’s blog focuses on a less talked about topic that is starting to gain attention. I’m talking about App Store Optimization. With hundreds of millions of smartphone users, millions of mobile applications or apps serve them. Users frequently download mobile apps for daily tasks like placing food delivery orders, traveling, or booking cab rides, or even scheduling events, shows, and movies.

Following this trend, the novel developers continually search for a position in the market among the 4 million apps in Google Play and the 2 million apps in the Apple App Store.

Every reader is different, some might have adequate technical knowledge about app store optimization but others might be reading this term for the first time. Regardless of how much you know about it, while learning about this topic many questions might arise in your mind. 

Questions like, what is the purpose of app store optimization? How does ASO help in increasing downloads? What are the primary elements and what are the supporting elements of ASO? How do you optimize an app store? What is App Store Optimization?

By the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea about what app store optimization is and what benefits ASO services provide. So let’s start with defining ASO.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App store optimization (ASO) is a field of work that aims to increase app visibility among your target consumers using technology and strategy. It works similar to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites. It (ASO) promotes mobile applications on app stores.

Just how the top-ranked web pages are listed by the Google search engine when you enter the keyword or phrase in the search field. Similarly, app stores identify the most relevant apps based on keywords, reviews, downloads, upgrades, and other ranking measures. 

Both ASO and SEO are used to increase traffic to your software product (website or app) and to push it to the top of the search results. But ASO encompasses a wide range of activities like A/B tests, backlinks, visual design, and the app’s title, description, and URL optimization. For developing a plan for ASO, all of these are equally important.

App store optimization is a constant process of enhancing organic traffic and userbase. ASO involves monitoring and measuring KPIs like Click-Through Rate (CTR) to advance from one stage of your app’s visibility evolution to the next.

Reasons Your App Needs ASO

New, high-quality services are becoming more and more in demand. The volume of the app market is only expected to grow in the years that come. But if your app appears at the very end of the list line of search results, then even being the best app won’t help you in receiving many downloads. App store optimization helps increase developer visibility, user appeal, and the conversion of views to downloads.

  • Revenue increase
  • Greater downloads
  • A rise in organic traffic
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Relevant users who eventually develop into devoted clients
  • Reduced user acquisition costs because of better search indexation

The Difference Between ASO and SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This field of work involves raising the positions of your web pages in natural search engine result pages to increase the quality of visitors to your website. Its objective is to increase website visitors.

Whereas ASO short for app store optimization, enhances an app’s exposure in the app stores to boost natural app downloads. Apps become more prominent when they rank highly for a wide range of search phrases, stay towards the top of the rankings, and are highlighted by the store consistently. The objective of ASO is to increase app downloads & visibility.


App Store Optimization is a powerful solution to increasing and boosting an app’s visibility as well as an app’s recognition in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and other application stores.

However, putting the best ASO practices into effect takes expertise, a long-term plan, and research. This includes but is not limited to optimizing the app’s title and description for keywords and utilizing images, reviews, backlinks, and A/B tests.

Choosing to invest in getting ASO services will inevitably lead to higher conversion and more downloads. Our company can help you if you need professional guidance on ASO strategy and product branding for mobile app development. You can hire an app store optimization company for optimized mobile applications that rank on top, on all application stores like Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store. Our app store optimization agency does all your ASO for your custom-made apps.

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