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Copperchips Device that will help your Family from Disasters

Date: 30-03-2023

Nowadays, there are so many disasters that can occur suddenly, it can be both natural as well man-made and can affect one’s life. In this blog, I will talk about a device named GIS Alert that will help users to minimize the effect of such disasters and I will also provide some instructions that users can follow to save their or someone’s life. I hope by the end of this blog you will gain substantial knowledge about the GIS Alert.

Slant Rays on GIS Alert

In the time of emergency, you need a guide that can assist you on how you can save your life in times of such disasters, but it’s not something that comes in handy. 

With GIS Alert coming to the game, users can get notified across the nation during such disasters and emergencies. This will help people to relocate to safer areas within minutes.

Concisely, the main aim of this device is to save people’s lives. You can access GIS Alert anytime anywhere for both types of damages: natural as well as man-made. We at Copperchips provide this service with the help of our experienced developers.

Early Alert Services by Copperchips

There are so many types of disasters that can affect people’s lives in no time, so it’s good to know about them. And such disasters are:


As you know, earthquakes are at their peak nowadays. Now and then we read about them in the news. Like last month, in Turkey, over 50000 people died because of this disaster. Asian countries like Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan have faced this disaster so many times in the recent past.

Like 1 week ago, some areas in India felt a tremor and the epicenter of the earthquake was in Afghanistan with a magnitude of 6.5, almost 30 people died in the incident.

There are so many ways from which you can prevent it, some of them are – Don’t stay beside walls or under the eaves, open a door to the outside of the office/home to secure an exit to evacuate, and Do not use the elevator.

Emergency Diseases (Pandemic Influenza)

So, for the last 3 years, we have been aware of the word PANDEMIC. Over lakhs of people lost their lives while battling Corona.

So, it’s important to take action against it by wearing masks, using sanitizers, following social distancing, and whenever you come from outside always washing your hands with hand wash or soap. Following these will help you in preventing the disease from contacting you.

Extreme Heat

In the United States, more than 600 people lose their lives to extreme heat every year. You cannot prevent this illness. As summertime approaches next month, the temperature will be much hotter than average.

So, it’s important to follow these things – Drink water as much you can, take a cold shower twice or thrice a day, apply sunscreen before going outside, and have fruits like watermelon, guava, and mango because they help you to stay hydrated and boost your immunity so your body can easily face this illness.

Floods and Flash Floods

Floods and flash floods mostly occur in the rainy season or when Dam demolishes and the sudden release of water by ice jams. A flash flood is caused by extreme or heavy rainfall in a short period, generally less than 6 hours.

If a flood is likely to hit your area, you should run to a safe place where the flood won’t be able to come. And if you have some time, try to collect all the necessary things like food, blankets, and water because you may live without a home for some days.    

Agricultural Diseases and Pests

In Agriculture, infections are crop diseases prompted by bacteria that destroy whole crops. There are so many types of disease due to enormous numbers of bacteria, some of which are: Wildfire of tobacco, Fire blight symptoms, and Granville wilt.

Damaging Winds

By the name itself, one can guess that Damaging winds cause a lot of damage. Let’s discuss how it damages society. The damage depends on the speed of the wind. For example, if the speed of the wind is not more than 30km/hr then it won’t hurt people, but it will destroy some trees and shops which are made of low-quality items.

There is a place in New Zealand named Wellington. People call it windy wellington because the speed of the wind there is always high. Winds of high speeds not only damage houses and trees but with them, there is a high chance of cyclones that end up killing more lives than winds.

Drought and Water Shortage

Overuse and the wastage of water is the main reason behind the shortage of water. We can prevent it by doing things like saving water in the dam and using it in dry areas to overcome drought. And we can also use rainwater harvesting before rainwater reaches the ground, we can store it to overcome such disasters.

GIS Alert

If you’re in a place where a disaster occurs then the alert manager will draw an alert circle on the map, after that everyone who is registered with the device gets a notification via Mail, SMS, and Mobile App.

Group Alert

A group alert will be sent by a medium such as.

Mobile App Alert

If you have the App on your mobile, then you will receive an alert on it.

Recorded Messages Through Landline

If you are panicking and do not have time to read the complete message, then no worries GIS Alert will send you a recorded message through the landline.

SMS Alert

In case the user is not connected to the internet then SMS alerts can be very useful.

Email Alert

When you register with the device then you will automatically get mail about the incident that took place.

SMS Alert

Early Warning Alert Service Flow Chart

Early Warning Alert Service Flow Chart

General Safety Tips

Here are some general tips that you should follow to save your or someone’s life.

Safety Tips for Children

Do not forget to clean buckets with even small amounts of liquid remaining. It can prevent kids from drowning and do not allow your children to wade or play in polluted water or sand.

Safe Storage of Garbage

Have a spare container with a tight-fitting lid to store garbage in case regular pick-up is not available and you must store garbage away from food and water.

Electrical Equipment Safety

Do not touch any electric cable or wire and never use wet electrical appliances, they may cause an electric shock, overheating, injury, or death.

Heating Equipment Safety

If you suspect there is damage to the heating equipment, do not use it until a mechanic repairs it and apart from this If you smell gas, open all the windows and doors and Do not use matches, candles, or lighters, or turn off the stove.

Use Cases of This Device

This device will help you to find the below details in no time.

Your Nearest Hospital

Your Nearest Hospital

Your Nearest Police Station

Your Nearest Police Station

Your Nearest Fire station

Your Nearest Fire station

Safety Precautions

Earthquakes are the talk of the town nowadays after every 2nd day we come across some news about them. We can’t predict it but we can take some precautions such as

If you stay in a House or a Building

You should open a door to the outside of the office/home to secure an exit to evacuate and when the trembling stops, switch off any fires such as gas ovens or stoves, then Jump underneath a table to protect yourself from the objects falling. Turn off the gas at the gas main and do not use the elevator.

If you are Outside

Don’t stay beside walls made from mortar or under the eaves. Move out to a safe place such as open ground and protect your head against the objects falling.

If you are Driving a Car

Do not panic and after confirming your safety, slowly bring your car towards the roadside and park even after the trembling stops. Please remain cautious because aftershocks might occur.

Precautions to Take

Do not put fragile things such as a vase on a shelf or above the head of your bed. Please attach metal fittings or a chain to heavy furniture or bookshelves to prevent them from  

falling. Prepare a bag containing goods for emergencies such as drinking water, dried foods, and a flashlight.

In the case of Fire


1. One who reaches first at the scene of fire should make sure that no life is trapped.

2. When you notice a fire, raise the Alarm “Fire” at the top of your voice then suddenly activate the broken glass unit.

3. Use only stairs to reach the ground floor.

4. The firefighting team should approach the scene as soon as possible.


1. Do not run in a panic.

2. Do not crowd the scene of a fire.

3. Do not use water on the oil and electrical fire.

4. Do not use a lift or elevator.

In the case of Fire


To summarize, this device will help you to act on time so that you and your family members will have a safe place to go. You should consider this device to be on the safer side. 

This device will also help you to know more about such disasters and how you can prevent them.

I hope this blog has enriched you with knowledge. Additionally, to know more I’ll highly suggest going on our website to read and explore.

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