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Every Fresher Developer’s Dilemma: Java or Python programming language

Date: 25-05-2022

Python and Java are the two most popular and robust programming languages. In the battle between Java versus Python programming language, developers would find that both are useful in web development, and each carries its pros and cons.

Copperchips understand very well that not everyone can quickly come out of the Java-or-Python programming language dilemma. Hence, we have curated an article to conciliate the anxieties and miseries of freshers and established developers alike. The numerous qualities and shortcomings along with a detailed description of Java and Python programming languages will enable readers to decide which one is the most suitable for them.

Java Programming Language: The Faster Path

The universal selling point of Java Programming Language is that it is a compiled language, which further makes it faster and more efficient than other languages. Now, going with the facts, Java programming language ranks fifth among commonly used languages. It is also the third most popular language that hiring managers look for when hiring exceptional talent. The two most important factors that contribute to the success and popularity of the Java programming language are its platform independence and the ease with which developers can not only comprehend it but also implement it.

What is Java Programming Language?

Java programming language has been around the development world since 1995. Since its release, its popularity has been increasing among web developers and other coding enthusiasts. It is a general-purpose and compiled language. When developers program with compiled languages like Java, the coding will get directly converted to machine code. This lets the processor execute much more quickly and efficiently while providing one with increased control over hardware aspects like CPU usage.

Java programming language is widely popular and highly used in web development, Big data, and Android app development. It has also been gaining grip when used in cloud development and Internet of Things (IoT). Java programming language is extremely beneficial for working on enterprise-level applications and microservices. Nowadays, many reputed enterprises are utilizing Java to build their web applications, including those in health care, education, insurance, and even governmental departments.

Perks Associated with Java Programming Language

High speed and efficiency are the most vital perks of the Java Programming language along with the ease with which Java can be learned and implemented. Since many processes of this high-level language run automatically, Java developers won’t need to do thorough research on how everything works as much as they would with a low-level language. Java developers would be able to master it relatively easily and quickly. However, that depends on how much time they are willing to devote. Other perks associated with Java Programming language include:


The syntax of Java programming language is straightforward, further making it easy for Java developers to work with it. The language is not at all complex and challenging. Instead, Java developers can learn and implement it within no time. Its utilization of automatic memory allocation further adds to the popularity of Java programming language.

Platform Independence

Java developers can use the language on multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, Unix, and Linux systems. Java developers need to remember that they can utilize the language on platforms that contains the Java Virtual Machine.


In this language, Java developers create classes containing data and functions, and objects that belong to those classes. This further offers a more intuitive approach for huge project development. The object-oriented feature of Java programming language provides flexibility, easier troubleshooting, and the ability to reuse code.

Pitfalls of Java Programming Language

It would be impartial for readers to make a decision solely based on the advantages of both Java and Python programming languages. Therefore, in this article along with the perks associated with the two, we have also presented the pitfall of both Java as well as Python programming languages. 
One of the primary downsides of utilizing Java programming language is that it uses considerably more memory – even more than Python programming language. Moreover, Java programming language manages its memory through garbage collection. This happens once the application in question no longer references the object. Though Java’s garbage collector clears it from memory, threads need to stop while the garbage collector is working. Other pitfalls associated with Java programming language include:

No Control over Garbage Collector

As a Java developer, you won’t be able to control garbage collection. Also, you won’t be able to use functions like free () or delete () while working with Java programming language.

Immense Words

Though Java programming language is considered simple and easy to use, it contains a lot of words. This further overwhelms Java developers and often leaves them with complex and lengthy sentences.

No Native Look

Java programming language has multiple graphical user interface builders. However, they are not quite useful if Java developers wish to create complex UI on a desktop. Java programming language is not a strong suit when it comes to utilizing it for desktops. While there are quite a few GUI builders to choose from, developers need to research thoroughly to choose the right one for their project.

Python: The Easier and Simpler Path

Although Java programming language is faster, Python is more versatile and has a simpler syntax. Python programming language is the fourth most popular coding language. Just like Java, this general purpose and interpreted language are one of the most demanded languages that even hiring managers to look for in candidates. 
The popularity of Python programming language has seen a surge in recent years. Nowadays, more than 11.3 million Python developers utilize it for IoT, Data Science, and Machine Learning projects.

What is Python Programming Language?

One of the reasons that led to the popularity of Python programming language is its simplicity and the ease with which Python developers can learn and implement it. Python is an interpreted language. This means the program runs through interpreters on a line-by-line basis for each command’s execution.

The developers of Python take excessive pride in boasting about its concise syntax. Python developers enter lines right into the terminal instead of having to compile the entire program before running it. Moreover, Python programming language empowers developers to employ a variety of programming styles while they are creating programs. The flexibility of Python programming enables Python developers to use it not just for object-oriented programming but also for functional and reflective programming.

Perks Associated with Python Programming Language

It is extremely difficult to match the versatility of Python programming languages. Its flexibility encourages Python developers to experiment vigorously. This prevents programmers from being restricted to building only one type of application. Instead, programmers can learn just one language and utilize it to make new and different things. Other advantages of Python programming include:

Fast Development

Since Python programming language is dynamically typed, it is fast and friendly for development. Moreover, Python language utilizes asynchronous code to tackle situations and challenges faster as each unit of code in Python runs separately.

Extensive Libraries

The large library of Python programming language supports common tasks and commands. It also contains a code that can be utilized for various purposes, ranging from generating documentation to unit testing.

Free and Open Source

Another reason why Python programming language is popular is that one can download Python without any cost. Python developers can learn and commence using it within just a few minutes. Its wide and active community of developers further attracts freshers.

Pitfalls of Python Programming Language

While Python programming language is one of the easiest and fastest languages to learn, it is also decidedly slower to execute. This is because it is dynamically typed, interpreted language, and executed line by line. Python does the additional work while executing the code, further making it less suitable for use in projects that require speed. However, in cases where speed is not required, Python won’t be a problem. Other pitfalls of Python programming language include:

Executes One Thread at a Time

Python programming language has a global interpreter lock that allows one to execute a thread at a time. Hence, it is imperative that Python will be slower if one is working upon a multi-threaded CPU-bound program. Utilizing multiprocessing programs instead of multithreaded programs can be a workaround.

Isn’t Mobile Native

Python programming language can be effectively used for mobile purposes. However, python developers need to put a bit more effort into locating libraries that give them the necessary framework. For instance, Kivy. It lets Python developers use the same API to create mobile apps and software that developers can run on Raspberry PI, Linux, and Windows.

Utilizes Large Memory

In case Python developers are working on a project where many objects are involved, utilization of large memory can possess an issue. However, switching to NumPy could be an effective workaround to reduce the amount of memory Python utilizes for each object.

Many programmers gradually learn multiple programming languages. However, which one to start with among Java and Python programming languages is an overwhelming question. I am sure this article will enlighten readers and assist them in choosing which one is perfect for them.

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