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How MEAN Stack Services Can Elevate Your Software Development Project?

Date: 10-05-2022

There is no denying the fact that the 21st century is a golden era for software development. To build a highly competitive app that sustains all the complexities is quite challenging and overwhelming. To build such an app, developers would require a standardized and consistent software stack.

However, in today’s digital competitive landscape, software stacks are available in abundance which further adds to the misery of the developers. To reap the advantages of most of them, developers use a combination of these technologies to obtain optimal results utilizing minimum monetary resources and time. 

MEAN Stack is a primary example of that kind of technology. This article will highlight what is MEAN Stack, what are its advantages, and how it can elevate one’s software development projects. 

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is an abbreviation for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. These components are used by MEAN Stack development companies like Copperchips to develop web apps. It is a collection of user-friendly full-stack JavaScript frameworks, which are perfect for dynamic web development. Surprisingly, all four components were developed at different times. However, now they are used collectively by MEAN Stack developers to achieve something tremendous. 

One of the greatest perks associated with MEAN Stack is its language- JavaScript. This language runs on every tier of the application which further facilitates software development. JavaScript being a dynamic programming language works for client-side as well as server-side. 

Why opt for MEAN Stack Development Services?

Read the following seven features of Mean Stack to imbibe its potential as ideal solutions for software development and reasons for choosing it for the next development project.

Excellent Compatibility

Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript. It provides way more functionality than a traditional web server. With MEAN Stack development services, implementation becomes a lot easier. Additionally, Node.js runs on all the major operating systems, hence offering operating system independence. 

Possessing Node.js in one’s technology stack is a great plus point in itself. It functions on a single thread for handling inbound HTTP requests. It also employs non-blocking I/O calls to effectively manage new inbound requests. As compared to other web servers, Node.js is agile and scalable, which is capable of supporting and enabling thousands of concurrent connections. 

Additionally, Node.js utilizes web sockets to facilitate sending data to the clients without causing the client to initiate requests. Hence, Node.js is the perfect choice for web development. 


It is quite beneficial for business owners to work with MEAN Stack since hiring different programmers to work on a single project would cost them a fortune. With MEAN Stack, a new coding profile named, full-stack JavaScript developer, has come to the limelight. As JavaScript is the main language across all the frameworks, all development work can be efficiently handled by JavaScript developers whilst sharing the code for resumes within the stack. 

Additionally, MEAN Stack is an open-source framework that, as the name suggests, does not require MEAN Stack developers to pay any additional fee. This open-source aspect of MEAN Stack saves developers a considerable amount and also helps them to develop premium applications.

Java Script

One of the main reasons for favoring MEAN Stack by development companies is because of the utilization of a common language for both front-end and back-end development. Since all the four components of MEAN Stack are written in Javascript, one’s web development process becomes smooth and hassle-free. The Node.js framework facilitates JavaScript implementation on the backend. Whereas, Angular.js smoothens the journey on the front end. Thus, crafting an efficient and harmonious web solution. 

Efficient Data Interchange

MEAN Stack utilizes JSON as the default format for data interchange between all the layers. Hence, there arises no requirement to utilize libraries for converting data during frontend and backend interaction. Additionally, JSON facilitates working with external APIs. A considerable amount of time is saved in an average data interaction, which further attracts novel MEAN Stack developers for web development projects.  

Harmonious Overall Process

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is used to develop single-page applications. It offers a clean and elegant way of adding interactivity and AJAX-driven rich elements on the client-side. Similar to Node.js, there is JavaScript implementation on the front-end in the form of Angular.JS, which provides a unifying client and server-side JavaScript implementation. This ensures the efficiency of MEAN Stack programming applications.  

Versatility of Mongo DB

Mongo DB is the perfect choice for those who want to handle large tables with tons of data. Unlike any other database, adding a new field to Mongo DB is quite simple and requires menial efforts, as it does not require refreshing the entire table. Additionally, it is a NoSQL and a document model database, which offers flexibility in a plethora of applications. In Mongo DB, a document can be queried on any field and the access to data is extremely simple. This flexibility allows MEAN Stack developers to effortlessly manage the semi and unstructured data generated by mobile and web applications. 

MEAN Stack development services offer a contemporary approach to web development, ensuring seamless JavaScript integration. MEAN Stack is improving day by day. Moreover, most of the leading web development companies are utilizing it to deliver cutting-edge web and mobile applications. 

If you are looking for fast, simple, and efficient ways to create contemporary and dynamic web applications then MEAN Stack must be your primary choice. Most of the enterprise owners are already leveraging MEAN Stack to scale up their enterprises, as MEAN provides advanced features to smoothen the app development process and further make it hassle-free. 

If you have any queries about MEAN Stack, you can contact Copperchips, one of the leading and trusted brands for deploying your digital product across the globe.

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