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How to monetize a ReactJS Application?

Date: 31-01-2022

There are many ways one can monetize a ReactJS application. Every app is unique and offers distinct features. Hence, it may not be necessary that a single monetization strategy works for every application. Developers need to find effective revenue generation strategies keeping in mind the purpose of their app, target audience, competitor analysis, and technologies used. 

Nowadays, it has become a daunting task to increase revenue with a ReactJS application without affecting user experience and privacy. However, we At Copperchips have achieved this feat for a good number of clients in the US and Europe. We have developed SAAS-based applications for them using our React.js skillset. The development of these applications has allowed room for monetization for our clients. Monetization allows our clients to enable their customers to access digital services for a subscription. Cloud-native hosting and microservice architecture-based backends which are tenets of our product engineering services further ensure high performance and zero latency irrespective of the traffic or concurrent users.

Given below are some of the strategies that developers can opt for to generate maximum revenue. 

  • Advertising: Developers can monetize their ReactJS applications using advertisements. They just need to sell advertisement space in the developed application or collaborate with a mobile ad partner. App publishers will further earn money based on the number of interactions on the displayed advertisements within the application.
  • Freemium: The freemium model can be used when ReactJS developers need to make money through their apps without using advertisements. In this model, though the application is free to use, users pay money to buy a wide variety of virtual elements from the application. Virtual elements include blocking ads, premium app content, and much more.
  • Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is an alternate funding model. In this model, developers exchange ReactJS App ideas with funds on platforms like Crowdfunder to enhance the field of marketing. 
  • Paid Apps: Developers can deploy their applications based on ReactJS at a reasonable rate in the market. The price can be determined by researching and comparing competitors’ applications in terms of uniqueness, functionality, ratings, brands, prices, designs, and profits.
  • Subscription model: This model is very similar to Freemium but is unique in its ways. It mainly focuses on gating content. The users of the application built with ReactJS are allowed to view some specified content. Furthermore, they are offered subscriptions to receive similar content in the future. Also, the premium model offers a “no ads” option that most of the users are interested in. 
  • Sponsorship: The sponsorship model is incorporated with those applications made with ReactJS that have regular users. This model is suitable when such applications need to connect with brands from the same market niche. After connecting, revenue is earned by equally dividing revenue from the mobile app and setting up a monthly sponsorship fee.
  • Affiliate Links: This model is a variant of the sponsorship model. In this model, one does not need to grant advertising rights solely to one organization. Instead, one needs to negotiate with a few interested parties and place their reference links in the application.
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