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On Which Factors Does Mobile App Development Rely On?

Date: 13-06-2022

It is an extremely challenging and daunting task to develop mobile apps. However, some custom software development companies like Copperchips, ease the lives of app developers and offer the best solutions.

It is completely alright to think about questions like ‘How much will it cost?’, ‘How long will it take to develop a mobile app?’ and much more. Custom software development companies like Copperchips understand the insecurities of business owners. We extend our best team of experts for mobile app development. So that app developers need not worry about trivial questions.

Firstly, it’s impossible to precisely predict how long it would take before the initial release of the mobile app. Even if enterprise owners have a clear idea of what their app will do and to whom it will cater. There are innumerable other factors that are ungovernable. And consequently, can impact the time a mobile app development company like Copperchips takes for developing apps.

Factors Impacting Time Required for Mobile App Development


The amount of effort and time required for crafting a fully-functional mobile app relies on the platform enterprise owners choose. As per the technical knowledge of experts at Copperchips, both Android and iOS mandate a high time investment, comparatively Android takes even longer time. This is because of the fragmentation issues in developing applications for a wide range of devices. Though Google has been continuously upgrading and streamlining the Android Software Developers Kit (SDK) with time to cope with different screen sizes, OS versions, pixel densities, and much more. Google needs to do many more improvements to compete with the iOS platform. Similarly, mobile app approval time is lesser on Android as compared to the case on the iOS platform.

Our adept team of app developers at Copperchips is well acquainted with the prevalent challenges and ways to beat them.


How well the mobile app developers comprehend your idea and how well they get successful in giving life to your ideas play a crucial role in deciding the time range of mobile app development. If your idea is too simple, or simply a replica of any existing app, the app developers can easily comprehend and execute the plan. But, if you are developing an application with some novel and innovative features, you need to spend more time explaining your idea to app developers so that they can commence the mobile app development process. And this is a must since the better the understanding, the better will be the output.

We, at Copperchips, put our sincere efforts into imbibing the goals and objectives of our clients. Our expert app developers at Copperchips make sure to facilitate the mobile app development process as soon as they are clear with the idea.


The features that you wish to include in your mobile app also affect the time an app would take to develop completely. The more the number of features, the more time-consuming it would be. Additionally, the kind of features that are to be incorporated in the mobile app development process also counts. Though some features could be easy to implement, other features might take considerable effort and time, depending on the complexity of their functionality.

The complexity of the mobile app idea and its functionalities to be included can somewhat make mobile app development risky. It might happen that enterprise owners invest heavily into it, but it fails to drive the expected revenue. To overcome the loss of time, effort, and money, our experts at Copperchips motivate clients to go for building MVP. A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is a minor version of a product with limited features that are used to test the future scope of the product. MVP can help enterprises to gain valuable feedback for future product development. If the first draft of the app fails, app developers can brainstorm and take help from the feedback received. And in case the developed mobile app achieved the goal, other features can be incorporated into the app through successive releases. This is profitable though a little time-consuming.

Targeted Audience

Mobile app development for a few users involves lesser factors than compared to those for a larger audience. Our team of experts crafts mobile apps for a wider audience. This requires additional investment in architecture, infrastructure, performance testing, and tuning. All these factors further add to the total time required to build a mobile app.

We strongly believe in the fact that a bug-free, fully functional app is much better & successful than a crashing app. So, instead of investing time in performing all the tests, custom software development companies should make sure that the app follows all the crucial KPIs.

App Development Process

The process one follows has a considerable impact on the time required for mobile app development. An excellent process assists in facilitating everything from planning to designing, development, and testing on the scheduled time. Whereas, an inappropriate process can create an imbalance.

We at Copperchips adopt Agile methodology which further enables us to solve everything and anything by combining the efforts of the entire development team and the users. Agile methodology adapts planning, evolutionary development, prior delivery, and continuous enhancements. The perks of this approach are that it is excellent for complex projects where the customer’s requirements change more often.

Besides this, our team of experts at Copperchips prefers the development of various modules simultaneously instead of handling them one by one. This is because more outputs need to be achieved in a lesser time.



For better and improved results, clients and app development companies should remain in touch throughout the mobile app development process. If the client and development team finds it hard to communicate given a time gap or any other issue, the challenges arising during the development phase will be solved at a slower pace. These unwanted delays can further increase the time a mobile app takes to build.

Our mobility experts at Copperchips are always ready to go the extra mile. We maintain communication and accelerate the development process.

Wrapping Up

From the above-mentioned factors, it’s clear that building a top-notch mobile app is not a quick and easy task. Rather, it takes a lot of time, effort, money, and strategy. All that is needed to develop such a mobile app that outshines the market.

We at Copperchips, a custom software development company have been indulging in the process of mobile app development for quite a while now. Our experts are always available if you have any queries regarding the app development process. You can even visit our website for a glimpse of our service offerings and choose from the variety.

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