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Programming Languages that will be outdated in 2023

Date: 04-01-2023

A person well-versed in technological trends wouldn’t deny that programming is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s competitive world. This demands having a sound knowledge of programming languages in order to carve a niche for yourself in the programming domain. There are countless programming languages out there in the world, different languages serve different purposes and are tailored to suit different platforms. 

Whether you are planning to make a career as a developer in coding or are looking forward to upskilling yourself to be well-versed in coding languages, you should be aware of which programming languages will be outdated in 2023. Well, don’t worry, I have got you covered with all the necessary information you need. In this blog, I will be mentioning the top 10 programming languages that will be outdated by the year 2023.


CoffeeScript is considered to be one of the lightest languages that have ever been designed. But it just seems too good to be true. Major businesses like dropbox, GitHub, etc. relied on this CoffeeScript programming language for developing their browser-side code. Eventually, with time, JavaScript was considered to be a better alternative to CoffeeScript.

Features Of CoffeeScript

  • The code compiles one-to-one into the analogous code for JS.
  • There is no interpretation at runtime with CoffeeSpirit.
  • you can use any existing JavaScript library seamlessly from CoffeeScript.


Ruby was one of the most preferred programming languages. Particularly when it comes to building web applications, processing data, and automation. However, with the invention of Python, which is known for excellent readability and code security, Ruby lost its charm. In the upcoming days, it’s possible that the Ruby language would be outdated by the year 2023.

Features Of Ruby

  • Ruby is purely object-oriented programming language.
  • Ruby is a flexible language as it lets you easily remove, redefine or add existing parts to it.
  • Ruby is a dynamic programming language. Ruby programs are not compiled.


VBA was one of the most widely recognized and extensively used programming languages across the globe, at one point in time. However, somethings seemed to have changed in a way that doesn’t favor VBA. In spite of this programming language being based on .NET, it is no longer updated by Microsoft. This exposes and showcases VBA’s obsolescence.

Features Of VBA

  • VBA performs repetitive tasks that may need minimal human intervention.
  • VBA can create macros to automate data-processing functions and generate custom forms, graphs, and reports.
  • VBA leverages variables, properties, objects, projects, logical operators, and modules. It makes statements recognizable by debugging the processes.


Scala showcases a number of features. All these features make it an ideal programming language. The performance of the Scala language was never the main issue. But what made Scala feature into the list of top 10 programming languages that will be outdated in 2023 is the very fact that the majority of the developers were unaware of the features of Scala. Hence, adding Scala to the list of dying programming languages.

Features Of Scala

  • The Scala language helps power busy websites and helps analyze huge data sets.
  • Scala is an object-oriented programming & functional programming language.
  • Scala language runs on the JVM and is capable of interacting seamlessly with Java code.

Objective C

Wondering what makes this programming language join the list of outdated ones? Well, the verbose nature, complex syntax, and outdated libraries are the reasons. This has resulted in software developers switching to swift language for the ease of code readability and application development.

Features Of Objective C

  • Objective C works as a general-purpose tableau programming language with an object-oriented edge.
  • Meta class creation is fully automated with Objective C. It’s easily managed during run time in Objective C language.
  • Objective C fully supports dynamic typing features and developers can even opt for static typing.


There cannot be a better programming language than Perl when it comes to text manipulation. It also boasts simplicity and efficiency. Then, what holds it back? Well, Perl language fails to support portability because of its CPAN modules. Programs made in Pearl run slowly and need to be interpreted each time any changes are made to them.

Features Of Perl

  • Pearl supports object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming.
  • Perl comes with powerful tools for processing text for working with HTML and XML.
  • Perl’s interpreter can be embedded into systems such as web servers and database servers.


Since time immemorial, the Haskell programming language has faced issues. Multiple issues like no proper IDE support, complex syntax, and a steep learning curve. Because of this, the Haskell developers have shifted to better alternatives. Hence adding Haskel to the list of outdated programming languages.

Features Of Haskell

  • Haskell is a language that is Statically typed.
  • Programs can compose together very well, with the ability to write control constructs just by writing normal functions. 
  • Haskell code easily fuses chains of functions together, for getting performance benefits.


Fortran is on this list of outdated programming languages for the only reason that the software developers had to soon migrate to other languages due to its lack of dynamic memory, reliability, and unsafe code prone to cyber threats.

Features Of Fortran

  • Fortran is a natively parallel programming language.
  • Fortran uses intuitive array-like syntax to communicate data between CPUs.
  • Same code can run on a single CPU, on a shared-memory multicore system, or on a distributed-memory HPC.


Erlang has its era when software developers couldn’t think of a better coding language than Erlang. Especially for services like banking, e-commerce, computer systems development, and instant messaging services. However, because of its complex debugging procedures and critical deployment issues, it is not much in use these days and might become outdated in 2023.

Features Of Erlang

  • Erlang is a declarative language with High-Level Constructs.
  • Erlang makes Concurrent Processes and Message Passing possible.
  • Erlang proves to be Scalable, Safe, and Efficient overall.


Cobol has served as an early main frame programming, mainly for business transactions, banking, and many more were handled by Cobol. But Cobol has a more rigid verbose syntax with slow compilation and deployment makes it obsolete and outdated.

Features Of Cobol

  • The Cobol programming language provides simplicity and standardization.
  • Cobol language can be compiled and executed on a variety of desktop devices.
  • Cobol has advanced file-handling capabilities for handling huge volumes of data.


To conclude, I sincerely hope this blog gave you in-depth and in-detail information about the top 10 languages that will be becoming outdated by the year 2023 which has already begun. These tableau programming languages might have served a purpose before, but with the latest technological advancements, these languages have been left far behind the race.

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