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Should Drupal CMS Be Used for Blogging?

Date: 31-05-2022

Drupal is among the most popular Content Management Systems. It was officially out in 2000 and it has a Content Management System market share of 4.7%. This market share makes Drupal CMS the third most used CMS after WordPress and Joomla. numerous bloggers around the globe use Drupal CMS. It is an open-source platform that is written in PHP.

We at Copperchips, a custom software development company, realize that people need a place to post their thoughts and play around with some novel web technologies. Hence our team of experts at Copperchips gained expertise in Drupal CMS, and gradually we started pouring our years of experience in unique skillset into every CMS Platform.

This article contains the features offered by Drupal CMS and also covers the detailed steps to assist a blogger in getting started with Drupal. With this article, the users will be able to make an informed decision and choose efficiently their Content Management Systems. In this article, readers would also find some tips and tricks if they decide to go ahead with Drupal CMS and utilize it for blogging.

Why Drupal CMS is The Preferred Choice for Blogging?


Drupal CMS is an open-source Content Management System platform. This means anyone can install it and use it without paying any additional fees. This makes it a popular choice for young and established bloggers. Bloggers utilizing Drupal Content Management System can copy the code and modify it as per their requirements. Just like most open-source software, Drupal CMS was designed to make its code available to the general public, so that they can use it freely, modify it and even contribute to its development by sharing the modifications.


Just like most popular content management systems, Drupal Content Management System is highly flexible. It provides beginners with an opportunity to hit the ground running with themes even if they have very little experience in website development or design. Simultaneously, Drupal Content Management System also gives experienced Drupal Developers the ability to code their website as per their requirements. This versatility further adds to the popularity of Drupal CMS and makes it a perfect choice for many bloggers. However, it might not be incorrect to say that Drupal CMS is not very suitable for beginners who have zero or no knowledge of web development. It is possible that such bloggers would hire expert Drupal Developers to build their websites.

Strong community support

Being an open-source CMS platform, Drupal brings a lot of perks on board. One of the most vital perks includes the community support that Drupal CMS possesses. While there are lots of tutorials and videos that Drupal developers can access. A wide and active community makes it easy for users to ask questions and receive answers quickly if they have any coding problems. Drupal CMS has been around for quite some time and has a very vast user base. In today’s Content Management System world, there are over 1000 developers and 600,000 users in the official community of Drupal CMS.

Excellent security

Cyber security is a huge concern for both big and small website owners. As highly established and recent bloggers, you might possess vital information on your website. This can be if the security of your website is under breach. The security team of Drupal CMS ensures to minimization of all security risks. Risks are completely eliminated by placing extensive security measures at different levels of the platform. Drupal CMS also provides its users with the best practices of security, which can reduce security incidents from affecting your blog site.

SEO Friendly

In today’s highly competitive world, SEO has become essential for websites because of the growing internet base. With the rapid rise in population and users’ interest to launch a new website on the internet every day, it is vital to keep SEO practices in mind while building a blog.

Blogs based on Drupal Content Management System feature a permalink which is known to boost the website’s SEO ranking. Simultaneously, one can utilize Apache’s URL-rewrite to create user-friendly URLs for their audience and search engines. There are numerous ways in which the Drupal Content Management System platform equips blogs with the ability to rank higher on search engines.

Responsive themes

Since the audience of users’ blogs may be spread across different screen sizes. It is essential to ensure that you utilize a Content Management System that enables responsiveness of one’s blog so that it can adapt to various screen sizes. Drupal CMS understands well that mobile responsiveness is vital for bloggers. Hence, the Drupal Developers have made it mobile-ready. So one’s audience does not face issues when viewing your blog site on different screen sizes.

Updated regularly

It is imperative to regularly update the technologies utilized. Especially for any Content Management System to offer quality features and excellent user experiences. Drupal Content Management System stays ahead of the competition in the CMS market. By offering regular updates which fix known bugs and provide novel features to its customers.

With these features and qualities, Drupal is able to attract a larger customer base for bloggers. Moreover, Drupal CMS powers a lot of other websites for small and large businesses alike.

If you feel that Drupal CMS could be the right one for you, then you are in the perfect place. We at Copperchips have been proving CMS development services by utilizing WordPress, AEM, and Drupal for quite a while now.

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