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Time Used to Build an App by an App Development Company and How to Estimate It?

Date: 13-10-2022

Worries of the client

When clients present a concept for a product, they first want to know how long it takes to build an app. Apart from how much it will cost till completion. Moreover, this information is expected before finalizing the contract. That’s why every client wants an estimated figure, after all its necessary information.

The software development cost estimate is the first estimate that the clients ask for. It is generally given out as an approximate quotation.

But why does the product owner want the developers to adhere? It’s because they are investing large sums of money in a successful app development project. The product development life cycle should be short and effective.

Estimating time & costs

Almost all app development companies offer free cost estimates and quotations. The cost & time required to execute each task is mentioned in detail. Businesses lack the time & patience needed for a thorough estimate. But you can acquire an approximate figure for the project’s cost. Using this you can evaluate the developer’s competence with some numbers to back it up. Rough estimates are helpful in this situation and will be all that you need.

Why it takes time?

The revolution that smartphones brought has pushed the limits of digitalism even further. In recent times, there is an increased need for mobile app development. 

As the information is out in the open, the potential market for an app development company is much larger. As the developers do not meet with stakeholders only the product owner. The time it takes to create a mobile app highly depends upon several factors that must be carefully considered to ensure its success.

Let’s see how app development firms calculate app completion times.

Calculation Methods: Determine How Much It Costs to Create an App

The cost of building apps is something that may be estimated independently. Calculating the total price tag for building an app is simple and easy. To calculate the cost needed we need to multiply the total number of hours by the hourly rate. 

Before beginning the app development process, most companies provide an approximate estimate of how much money will be needed to produce the mobile app.

Generally, there are two primary pricing models that are employed by the app developers in a custom app development company.

Time and resources

The adaptability of the time and resources pricing model stands in contrast to that of the original plan. It is usually employed for large-scale projects where the development course is uncertain. The cost is generally calculated based on the hourly rate of employed developers and the amount of time put into the project.

The Fixed Cost Structure

Small projects that have a well-defined goal and a pre-planned schedule benefit significantly from this method. The transparency in the development costs is mainly the primary benefit of this calculation method. This ensures that you already know the total costs involved before any app development ever begins.

How to determine how long it will take?

Applications developed solely for mobile devices can be classified into several categories. Every app store shelf displays a dizzying array of mobile software. There is a wide variety of mobile applications, but they can be broken down into two primary classes namely, Analogous Apps and Customized Apps.

An analogous app is one which is similar to and in which the client requests development based on the idea or model of an already existing app. As opposed to creating a custom-made, one-of-a-kind app, the time required to create one of them is much shorter.

Once an app meets the customer’s needs but does not yet exist in the app store’s catalog of pre-made apps, only then it is considered a custom app. It takes more time to develop this kind of custom application than comparable apps. Due to the features and functions involved in developing mobile apps, time is needed to construct the varieties above mobile app development methods.

Significant phases of mobile app development

All apps we see in app stores culminate in a lengthy mobile app development process. Each step needs dedicated time to be carried out and finished successfully. 

Many stages in the development of any mobile app are standard regardless of which app development company is doing the work. 

An app development company can help estimate how long it will take to build apps based on how long it takes to complete each phase in the process.

Discovery Phase

A custom app development company primarily focuses on the app development process is the research phase. The next step in this pre-development phase is designing the plan to build the app. After that, the visual appeal of the app is refined. Wireframes get created during this phase, and this typically lasts for around two weeks, until the design is validated.

The actions taken during this research phase are user profiles, value proposition canvas, wireframes, user’s requirements, user’s opinions, mood board & mockups.

After identifying the needs of the client, we conduct in-depth market research. After that, we’ll dig into the nuts and bolts of the technology behind the following mobile app. This entire procedure takes about a week to two in time.


Mobile app testing is a crucial process for ensuring a successful mobile app. It is essential to test mobile apps on all the devices and operating systems that the app will be deployed on. Operating systems such as Android and iOS. There are also many additional types of tests and quality checks. The testing process can often take up to a few weeks.


Deployment is pretty much the finishing step. The final phase of creating a custom mobile app is releasing it to the public through app stores. This procedure is usually done within a week or two completely. The deployment phase keeps everybody nervous, as both the client and the developers want everything to go right. All of the hard work, time, and money spent has to come out to be worth it.

Upkeeping & Upgrading

The development process is continuous. This process doesn’t end even after an app has been deployed. The technical front is constantly evolving. Therefore, mobile apps must keep up. So, even after the process of creating the mobile app is complete, the maintenance and updates will be ongoing.

The previous estimates for how long it takes to create a mobile app should be seen just as mere approximates. The time required to develop a mobile app varies significantly by the complexity and number of features and functions it requires.


We know the time it takes to build apps. The time required is influenced by various technical and non-technical factors. When calculating or estimating the development time to create an app, we factor in the ideal and worst situations, if in case any problems develop. 

We do provide free estimates, quotations, and consultation on the cost, time, and effort required to create a mobile app tailored to your needs.

You can hire our app development company to build modern, intuitive & optimized apps with less development time using agile cycles.

We provide best app development services. Our company offers a complete range of top app development services to help your business develop custom apps at affordable prices with efficient development time.

Q1. What are the costs involved in app development?

The costs involved are very subjective to the type of services a client signs up for. Different sets of features are needed by different businesses. This is the reason why one cost can’t be applied everywhere.

Q2. How many hours does it take to develop an app?

How many hours the app development process takes depends upon whether the app is to be made custom, with a unique design and unique features, or if it is much more template-based or similar to existing apps.

Q3. What are the factors that determine the cost of developing an app?

There are many factors that either directly or indirectly affect, influence and determine the cost of developing an application. Some of the factors are the features required, the deadline of the project, what is the scale of the project, and support and maintenance costs.

Q4. How much should it cost to hire an app developer?

Hiring a single app developer is never a great idea for both start-ups and businesses. It’s always best to have a dedicated team of skilled & experienced custom mobile app developers who hold expertise in their language and framework. Depending on how skillful your team is and how large your team is shall decide the cost.

Q5. What is the general hourly rate for an app developer?

The average hourly wage for a Mobile Applications Developer is $12 to $25 per hour, but the range typically falls between $37 and $50. The hourly rate can vary widely depending on many factors like education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience. Factors On Which mobile app development cost depends on the platforms you target, the features and scope of the project, and the design?

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