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Why Choose Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Date: 06-05-2022

Python is currently the best programming language for research and development in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Don’t just go by my words but be aware that recently Google Trends has shown from the past five years interest in Python programming has soared as compared to other programming languages like Java, Scala, R, Julia, and Spark. 

Python is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages but somehow the question remains: Why choose Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? So let us go and understand the four specific and detailed reasons. 

Simple and Consistent

Python brings to the board concise and readable code. While complex and challenging algorithms and versatile workflows are the backbone of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Learning (AI), the simplicity of Python programming allows developers to write reliable systems. With Python by their side, developers get to put all of their efforts into solving intricate ML problems instead of paying heed to the technical nuances of the language. 

Python is a general-purpose programming language and it can do a set of complex machine learning tasks. This further enables developers to build prototypes quickly and allows them to test their products for Machine Learning purposes. 

Platform Independence

Another factor responsible for Python’s success is its platform independence. Python language is supported by many platforms including Linux, Windows, and macOS. The language’s code can be utilized to create standalone applications for the most common operating systems. This means that Python software can be easily distributed and used on those operating systems without any interpreter.

Developers usually choose Amazon or Google for their computing needs. Moreover, there are also companies and data scientists who utilize their machines with powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to train their Machine Learning models. However, Python on the other hand, makes this entire training process a lot easier and cheaper, this is entirely because of its platform independence feature.

Extensive Selection of Libraries

Implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. It is imperative to have a well-structured and well-tested environment to enable developers to provide the best solutions. 

To reduce development time without affecting the quality of the digital solutions, developers turn to Python programming due to its frameworks and libraries. Python language contains pre-written code that can use to achieve the desired results. The language has a rich technology stack along with an extensive set of libraries for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With these solutions, developers can craft digital products faster. They won’t be required to start from scratch and can utilize the existing libraries to implement necessary features. 

Active and Wide Community

Lately, Python is recognized as the most popular programming language, which ultimately means that you can locate and hire a development company like Copperchips which has the necessary skill set to build your AI-based project. 

Online repositories contain about 140,000 custom-built Python packages. These packages can be installed in a program running on Python and assist developers in detecting patterns in big sets of data. Python’s community is spread across the globe. There are various forums and an active exchange of experience related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. For any task, the chances are pretty high that someone else out there has dealt with the same problem. Developers can immediately seek advice and guidance from the community.   

Highly Flexible

Python is a great choice for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as this language is very flexible. It offers an option to choose either OOPs or scripting languages. In Python programming, there is also no need to recompile the source code. The developers can implement the changes and simultaneously see the results. Programmers have also the flexibility to combine Python and other languages to reach their goals. 

This flexibility allows developers to choose the programming styles as per their comfort. They can even combine these styles to solve different problems in the most efficient way. This ensures flexibility associated with Python programming and also reduces the possibility of errors. 

Rapid Development

One of the main reasons why developers love Python programming is that it ensures fast prototyping. As long as developers are familiar with the stacks, they can prevent wasting time and learn Artificial Intelligence development easily and hassle-free. 

Many developers consider Python to be as simple as English. Python developers, in their career, never learn complicated and challenging codes. All credit goes to the availability of numerous libraries, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development is now easy, thereby simplifying the entire project.

Good Visualization Options

In Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning, it is equally important and imperative to represent data in a human-readable format. Some of the libraries like Matplotlib in Python language offer great visualization tools. These tools enable data scientists to build charts, histograms, and plots for enhanced data comprehension, effective presentation, and visualization. Even different application programming interfaces simplify the visualization process and make it easier to create clear reports.

From development to deployment and maintenance, Python facilitates developers in being productive and confident about the software they are developing even more. Perks that make Python language well-suited for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based projects include simplicity, consistency, access to great libraries, flexibility, platform independence, and a wide community. These perks associated with Python programming add to its overall popularity. 
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are constantly evolving. They allow scientists to resolve real-life dilemmas and come up with the best solutions. The reason why every developer is looking forward to working with was mentioned in the above article. The innumerable benefits associated with Python programming should have lured companies into hiring one of the best Python development companies like Copperchips.

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