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Why use Shopify for your next E-Commerce Development Project?

Date: 08-03-2022

It is an onerous and challenging task to launch one’s e-commerce store. Though many e-commerce development platforms provide features to enable business owners in launching their websites within no time, the myriad of platforms available furthers adds to the hardship. Shopify is one such platform that facilitates creating and deploying e-commerce websites within a few clicks. This top-notch platform is best for those who have just begun their e-commerce journey and who have gathered extensive experience in this field. Shopify allows shop owners to sell their products both online and offline. It offers all the tools that would enable owners to open a storefront, showcase their products, accept payments and engage with their customers. 

Here are some of the reasons why we think Shopify should be chosen for your next e-commerce development project and is the clear winner in the race between various e-commerce platforms.

Easy Installation

Shopify is a complete plug-and-play solution. It does not require any technical expertise or coding knowledge. Even a layman who possesses strong will can set up an e-commerce website and earn millions of dollars. Shopify enables developers to build their stores without any fuss over servers and configurations. It contains an intuitive and engaging admin interface. This not only facilitates the entire development process but also enables modifying and enhancing one’s website without any hassles.

Rich Functionality

Shopify ensures that their client’s website runs smoothly throughout and they can enhance it with just a few clicks. Shopify aims to eliminate all the current and potential barriers that might come while processing the orders, adding products to the cart, and handling orders. Shopify also provides its customers with control over customization. The merchants can change the look and feel of the website just by dragging and dropping built-in features whenever they feel the need to.   

Payment Integration

Shopify enables merchants to integrate third parties including payment gateways to their online e-commerce website. Merchants can thoroughly research and choose one among Stripe, Paypal, and Amazon Pay. They can also rely on a highly efficient Shopify development company like Copperchips to receive customized payment solutions for their web store. Shopify strives hard to ensure that their clients process seamless and secure payment integrations.  

Security Features

All E-Commerce stores deal with sensitive and confidential information. Hence, it becomes quite imperative to rely on a secure and safe platform for building e-commerce websites. Shopify contains built-in features like SSL Certificates. These can be enabled to encrypt all data and process them through a secure connection. Shopify also comes along with strong technical support and top-end servers. These working behind the scenes take care of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Hence, further securing the payment transactions.

Marketing Friendly

E-Commerce websites made with Shopify can be easily optimized from per SEO perspective. Once optimized, merchants would face no trouble in playing with meta titles, meta descriptions, page titles, URLs, and page visibility. Though playing with all these in other e-commerce platforms would mean devoting considerable time and effort to the backend, the amazingly simple backend of Shopify won’t distress the merchants and would instead help them to complete their tasks within no time.

Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Shopify provides merchants with their best possible attention by incorporating round-the-clock customer support. In Shopify, every account is given a dedicated Success Manager who not just solves queries but also acts upon design modifications, and feature requests, and creates strategies for individual businesses. The reliable support offered by Shopify makes it the best in the market. 

Abandoned Cart Tracking Feature

Usually, customers on e-commerce websites add a lot of items to their cart but end up purchasing none and making business owners furious. To assuage owners, Shopify contains an abandoned cart tracking feature. This feature tracks and emails these customers and reminds them that a few of the items are still in their cart and no transaction has been made yet. This feature allows e-retailers to receive more lead conversions.

Shopify is not perfect and contains some limitations just like others. However, the amount of benefits associated with it surpasses it and makes it the perfect choice for website developers. The perks of Shopify simply can’t be overlooked and they are the ones responsible for making it a one-stop-shop for all the needs that may arise in the future. Shopify Development is such a platform that possesses what it takes to make one’s business reach impressive heights. Just like every other e-commerce platform, the more you use Shopify, the more you will get acquainted with its features and will enjoy working with it. 

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